Do you use it when it snows in your city?Is it harmful?

2022-04-23 0 By

These days when walking on the sidewalk, I always hide the white things on the ground, for fear of getting them on my shoes and body. Most of my friends in the city can know that the white things are the residue of snow melt agent. Let’s talk about snow melt agent with my friends.There are two types of snowmelt agents: one is organic snowmelt agent with potassium acetate as the main component, which has good snowmelt effect and little environmental pollution, but its price is too high;The other is inorganic snow melting agent with “chloride salt” as the main component, such as sodium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride and so on, known as deicing salt, its advantage is cheap.The most widely used snowmelt agent is deicing salt.Many of the sidewalks are already white, and so much of the snowmelt is slowly dispersed into the air, seeped into the soil, or carried into the river.[Praise][rose][rose][rose] The use of snow melt agent should be the behavior must have an effect on post-snow traffic, do you have to use?Can you control the dosage, my friends?Here are my thoughts: 1. Snowmelt agent is harmful to environmental protection in my opinion.2. Since it is harmful substances, it is suggested that relevant departments should use less or not as much as possible.3. It is better to formulate a unified plan for the use of snowmelt agent, and make detailed provisions on how much snow to use, which road to use, the dosage and how to control the maximum dosage, and carefully check the implementation of each time, and deal with problems in time.4. If the snow with snow melting agent is cleared, it is necessary to plan the snow dumping site to reduce the risk of water source and land pollution as much as possible.