E-gmp architecture of Hyundai Motor Group!The GV60, jennesseth’s first pure electric SUV, was launched in Europe

2022-04-23 0 By

Hyundai Motor Group’s Genesis GV60, its first pure electric SUV model, will be officially launched in Europe, according to overseas media reports.The GV60 will be released in August 2021 in South Korea, and three models — Premium, Sport and Sport Plus — will be available in The European market.Appearance, the European version gauge jie, Seth GV60 is rapid, Seth’s first adopt modern kia group e – GMP electric car model was noted.immunohistochemical platform development models, face before carrying the family separation headlight design, at the same time the large size of the pentagon intake grille design, combined with former surrounded, especially the relatively thick lips set before,Make the whole new car look very delicate.On the side of the body, the European Standard Version of Genesis GV60 adopts the sliding back design as a whole. At the same time, the c-pillar is decorated with chrome-plated decorative strips and the five-spoke large-size wheel hub, making the new car look sporty.It is worth mentioning that the new car has an unusual hidden design in the A/B pillar, which also makes the new car look more advanced.Interior configuration, The European Standard version of Genesis GV60 will be equipped with 12.3-inch dual-screen design, while equipped with wireless phone charging and other practical functions, but the new car also provides electric seats, panoramic electric sunroof, digital rearview mirrors and other optional functions, to further meet the needs of users in a variety of cars.In terms of power, the three models of The European version of Genesis GV60 have different power configurations respectively. Among them, the Premium model adopts the single motor drive with the maximum power of 168kW, while the Sport model adopts the maximum power of 160kW and two 74kW motors to form four-wheel drive.The Sport Plus is powered by twin motors with a maximum power of 160kW.Notably, the Sport Plus has Boost mode, with a dual motor that instantly boosts 20kW of power output in 10 seconds.