Focus on Dezhou Party Congress | Song Longjun: Carry forward the great spirit of party building and create red cultural products

2022-04-23 0 By

On February 18th, participate in dezhou 16th party congress of the party, laoling ji lu border region revolutionary education training base management center director Song Long jun in the group discussion when the review report on the work of the party congress, said the report summarizes the dezhou achievements over the past five years of work, planning the grand blueprint for the next five years, exciting, cohesion strength, encouraged and courageous.LeLing red culture thick, red tourism resources are rich, the past five years, I witnessed in the development of the border region revolutionary education base, perfect infrastructure, dig the red resources, strong-built faculty, constructed with ji lu border region revolutionary memorial as the core “a nuclear triaxial multipoint” red culture development layout, learning to visit the masses, increasing influence,The Revolutionary Memorial Park in The Border area of Hebei and Shandong has been included in the list of national memorial facilities and sites of Anti-Japanese War, and has been approved as a national 4A level tourist attraction and a provincial red culture inheritance demonstration area.As a party at the grass-roots level, I will for the first time the meeting spirit to convey to the broad masses of party members, cohesion “cultural city” construction, we will dig deeper into ji lu side red culture, create classic red tourism routes, with a good online education base, new media, such as the short video, good red story in the form of popular forms, carry forward the great spirit of the founding,To strive for the “National Patriotic Education Demonstration Base”, to create the red culture brand of “Yimeng Mountain in the south, Jilu Border in the north”, to accelerate the construction of a strong, prosperous, vibrant, happy and beautiful socialist modern city.(Dazhong Newspaper reporter Zhang Haifeng correspondent Zhang Ziqi Cui Xin report)