One Piece 1039 words: Lorraine Kidd open his heart, the age of the four Emperors aunt completely ended

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One piece manga updates, 1039 words in a word, story plot is also entered a new stage, ROM and kidd joined against before aunt, don’t forget, four emperor who, after all, is your aunt, even with the power of the awakening and kidd to crit, can still insist on to now, although his life is still burning,But on the scene but still occupy the initiative, were it not for the strong willpower luo and Kidd let them two strong support until now, the consequences of nature unimaginable!To say and Jason kidd had to let the situation become very standoff, mostly because Jason kidd heart problem, because before kidd and Upton, kidd alliance Hawkins, could have become a powerful force, can even against three, the navy and the four emperor but because kai more suddenly appeared, let originally “the alliance between the burst, at war with kay more soon,Hawkins backs down for himself, and Apu reveals himself as a spy!Lead to Kidd and kira have to face strength far higher their kaido!Because at that time, strength of kidd also reached only seven Wu Hai level, and take on four emperor champion cannot, results of natural needless to say, much for Jason kidd and gera, kay is unilateral slaughtered, lead to two people directly the heavily fortified green zone, but for Jason kidd awakening overlord, kay, more important, presumably kidd life is hard, then plus kira for Jason kidd,And chose to compromise in exchange for kidd’s survival, which is what keeps Kidd alive today!Had the psychological shadow kidd, natural in entering the day after, no matter to who has become very indifferent, because in the heart of kidd, fragile relationship for alliance, also is the eye at home, do not have the slightest hope, and in today’s and the open after the war, as looking for revenge Jason kidd, kay also inadvertently alliance of luffy and share a common goal,With the battle, the seemingly non-alliance alliance is gradually formed.Since kidd heart of psychological trauma, natural hard to kidd, in such alliance, play a positive role, but four emperor in the face of strong opponents, as one of the top power kidd, his one man alone, cannot fight both strength and experience, can contend with strength well above their four emperor, so Jason kidd,Is also caught in the dilemma of choice!Kidd to mistrust of the alliance, the root cause is for the distrust of others, and it is also be see, say, when the pirates hung Ming group, also has the same performance, of course mood changes of kidd, also had the same experience, it also make ROM. The only person who can redeem kidd!So when luo and Jason kidd, during the war with an aunt, and thought about the original luffy everywhere lead by example, to let the dark heart, become a little bit bright, just have the unbreakable alliance now, so when fighting Boyle, ronaldo is also learning luffy, began to attack way everywhere, also let kyd feel this be cured!Of god does not have the heart to give, nature will pay off, for his treasure killer kidd originally, no matter how to invite, are not willing to take the initiative to release kidd, show that in ROM. Again and again later, or in the final after a powerful blow out luo, let Jason kidd has opened the heart directly, to cast the kidd hidden for a long time the ultimate big one!The final success of the two hit, the four emperor aunt to pull down the altar!To say the final victory of the battle, and not just still beat Boyle is so simple, but also announced the end of the four imperial era, and all this success, without Jason kidd super strong, but everything’s credit is to occupy most of the, if it weren’t for ROM, by means of the healer kung kidd, dark heart to cure, let Jason kidd at the last moment, discard all prejudices,Using his own unique tactics, the era of the four emperors will not come to an end, it can be said that luo through his own efforts to re-establish kidd’s trust in others, can have today’s results!Thus, for the trust of others, no matter when should not be abandoned, while the selection process, can let a person sometimes because of wrong in crisis, but as long as your heart is strong enough, will come out from the failure, create a belongs to own time, do you have what opinion, welcome message to discuss!