Volunteers from central enterprises and suzhou people work together to fight the epidemic

2022-04-23 0 By

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Suzhou on February 13, the First company of China Railway Ninth Engineering Bureau set up a volunteer team consisting of 44 people and rushed to the front line of suzhou to fight the epidemic.The volunteer team of the First Company of China Railway No. 9 Bureau is composed of party members and youth league members of the company headquarters and its two subordinate Suzhou metro projects.The company connected with communities around Suzhou, and assigned volunteers to communities and tasks, so as to do a good job in serving communities to fight the epidemic.The company’s volunteers are mainly responsible for nucleic acid testing, order maintenance, site disinfection, epidemic prevention and control inspection, supplies and logistics support, etc.Up to now, nucleic acid testing services have been completed in Sanliqiao Community of Wujiang District, Baiyangwan Community of Wusu District and Changbang Community of Wuzhong District, helping more than 6,000 residents to complete nucleic acid testing.The first Company of China Railway Ninth Engineering Bureau was inaugurated in Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province in July 2021. As a new “resident” of Suzhou, the company has been accelerating its pace of integration into Suzhou in accordance with the idea of “relocation, integration and promotion”, striving to contribute to the construction of a “prosperous, strong, beautiful and high” new Suzhou.The dispatch of the volunteer team reflects the company’s high sense of social responsibility and mission. The company will further strengthen its anti-epidemic strength and demonstrate its responsibility as a central enterprise with practical actions.(Li Chunjing, Ma Danyang)