After the epidemic, Chinese expatriates are returning to China, turning to China as a refuge in the crisis?Should China take it in

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Will the motherland accept Chinese nationals who once became foreign nationals and now want to return to China for Chinese nationality?As China has grown in recent years, it has become a major country in the world. The emergence of the epidemic, compared with other countries’ handling of the problem, once again proves China’s strength.When the epidemic was serious overseas, many Chinese who had changed their nationality came to China, and China became a refuge.In the 1980s, When China just ushered in the reform, the capital and culture of European and American countries gradually entered China, and at this time, many people saw the advanced European and American countries.We must admit that At that time, China’s national conditions were really not strong, the domestic competitive level was not high, and everyone’s living standards were not comparable with those of European and American countries.Due to historical reasons, although China is one of the countries with the longest history, the founding of new China was later than the founding of European and American countries.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, we adjusted the country’s course through different strategies at the same time, starting from a poor foundation bit by bit.And at that time European and American countries are already very good.For example, in the 1970s, the United States competed with the Soviet Union and adjusted the interests of its citizens to the maximum so as to compete with the Soviet Union over whose system was superior.Many people in order to live a better life, far from the Pacific, to the United States, Canada and other areas to find work, as time passes, also settled in The European and American countries.But we should know that overseas Chinese and Chinese are not synonymous, overseas Chinese refers to the Chinese went to live abroad, but has been Chinese on international issues.And The Chinese means that he used to be a Chinese nationality, or his elders are Chinese, but he is now a nationality of other countries, strictly speaking, although these people are shedding Chinese blood, they do not belong to the strict Chinese citizens.At the height of the epidemic, the number of infected people abroad was increasing with a large number every day, while China controlled the epidemic in just a few months, which set off a wave of overseas Chinese returning home.The first is the overseas Chinese. In recent years, our country has grown rapidly and become more integrated with the world in many aspects. More and more Chinese students have studied in European and American countries, or businessmen have invested in European and American countries.However, it is difficult for individuals to cope with such a sudden outbreak and the efficiency of European and American countries.Since the outbreak was serious overseas, relevant government departments and overseas embassies have been helping overseas Chinese to return to China, and they have received the same treatment as us.In fact, not only the epidemic, but also any disaster that Chinese people encounter overseas, the state will not hesitate to help them until they can safely return to the motherland.Although strictly speaking, they are no longer Chinese citizens, blood is thicker than water after all. These people are our compatriots, and we do not want to see them suffering from the virus abroad, so we also accept them.But procedurally they cannot enjoy the same treatment as overseas Chinese.We will provide them with anti-epidemic treatment, but the procedures and quarantine date will be handled according to those who enter the country.Although China has always embraced the mentality of embracing fellow citizens, not everyone has a grateful heart, and people are often unpredictable. Some people do not hesitate to conceal their illness and do not abide by China’s control during the epidemic, which leads to more innocent people being infected with the virus.During the epidemic, it is like a magic mirror, and there are events like the Australian running girl who does not abide by the protest work, which makes us feel cold again and again.In fact, when they are in difficulty, we will more or less provide help, but if you want to return to the Chinese nationality is more difficult, in fact, Chinese americans are a relatively not easy group.Especially in the United States, because the United States is a multi-racial country, and Asians or Chinese people have always been excluded, we can often see the news of Asians being robbed on the Internet, coupled with the outbreak of the epidemic, the United States often slandered China, so that the exclusion of Chinese people has increased a lot.With the growth of China in recent years, the gap between China and European and American countries is getting smaller and smaller, so many people begin to want to return to their motherland.The emergence of the epidemic, the governance of European and American countries can almost be said to be in a mess, which has become a lot of old immigrants, Chinese action opportunity.But you know, the hardest nationality in the world to get into is ours.Since the founding of The People’s Republic of China, the country has conducted several censuses. The report shows that in the 60 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, only 1,448 foreigners have succeeded in becoming Chinese nationals. Among them, the 1,448 include Soviet scientists and their families who helped our country in the past.Why is it so hard to become a Chinese citizen?First, China does not allow dual nationality. Dual nationality will lead to a person having the legal citizenship of two countries. If he or she does something illegal or criminal, it will make the country headache and difficult to control.In order to become a naturalized citizen of another country, one must give up his Chinese nationality and obtain a Chinese green card to be eligible for Chinese nationality.On the Internet often hear how difficult it is to get a Green card in the United States, but they did not think that obtaining a Chinese green card can be described as abnormal.China introduced the green card system in 2004, but it only issues more than 300 green cards per year on average.In fact, the correct name of the green card is the Permanent residence card of the People’s Republic of China for foreigners. The number of Chinese green cards issued every year is very few, and the conditions are very strict.Is such strict Chinese nationality, but also has many foreigners want to join as a group of American and Chinese in America out of control, a global outbreak, the United States to his own people that will be the coronavirus completely under control, even a wide range of infections in the United States can quickly for effective treatment without having to worry about, the reality often is like a pair of invisible hand,Smack America in the face.In just three months, more than 200,000 people in the United States have been infected with COVID-19, and the number of cases is growing out of control.The cost of medical treatment for COVID-19 is also too high for the average person to afford.This not only disturbs the native American citizens, but also disturbs the Chinese with American nationality.As time goes by, the epidemic in the US becomes more difficult to control.The US President has announced to learn from the UK’s approach to fighting COVID-19 with herd immunity, herd immunity.It refers to the herd immunity effect after most people in a population have antibodies to a certain virus.But the underestimated will harm of coronavirus, did not wait for all the immune, has nearly half of the population suffering from COVID – 19, but China has effectively control will be coronavirus spread, and free in time, high efficiency of medical rescue, ordinary citizens in the United States can not get the effective medical treatment, have wanted to treatment in our country.Moreover, the Chinese with American nationality could not sit still and set off a wave of upsurge of returning home.Many Chinese even want to give up their American citizenship and return to their motherland.However, when a foreign country gives up its nationality, the Chinese who give up their Chinese nationality do not expect that it is very easy to give up their Chinese nationality. They only need to pay 250 YUAN to sign their name, but it is very difficult to become Chinese nationality again.However, China has not abandoned these overseas Chinese who want to return to the motherland, as long as they meet the conditions and comply with all the medical checks during the epidemic can enter China.Whether it is Chinese or foreigners who want to become Chinese nationals, or those who choose to give up Their Chinese nationality, since they have made the choice, they should leave without complaining or regretting.When you sign, know that this is a solemn commitment to a nation, not a joke.Many people believe that Chinese immigrants went abroad when their home country was not strong and provided labor, even high-end skilled jobs, for other countries, and spent the wages earned in other countries.And as China slowly grows stronger, or after some foreign disaster, it starts to turn around and return to the motherland, which is a shameful act of betrayal.But in fact, no matter where people live, it is their own choice, we need not have such extreme impression of the Chinese, because this group of people and we also flow the same blood.Even if we have different nationalities on international issues, it may have been just to make life better.But now China is strong, no one has to go to immigration, so in the future such things will be less and less, more talent will stay in China.If you have anything to say about this, please leave it in the comments.