Baishuidong scenic spot won the most beautiful starry sky destination case

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Rednet moment on January 27 – (correspondent Yang Nengguang) On January 24, the 2021 China tourism industry influence case list was announced, Hunan won 7 awards.Among them, Xinshao White water Hole scenic spot won the most beautiful starry sky destination case.Baishui Cave scenic area is a national scenic area with three scenic spots, namely Baishui Cave, Dolomite and Zijiang Small Three Gorges.Baishui Cave scenic area is a national geopark and a national 4A scenic spot. It has unique natural resources. Its longitude and latitude, altitude, air quality and climate environment all have the conditions to develop starry sky tourism.At the same time, through xinshao county over the years of ecological governance, the White water Cave scenic area has developed into a focus of stargazing, and thus won the “heart of Hunan beautiful white water” reputation.In order to give full play to its resource advantages and establish a new image of “The heart of Hunan” culture and tourism, the scenic spot proposed and implemented the “Five One” plan, namely:A starry sky theme seminar, a starry sky tour press conference, a magic White water, Star Hometown micro film press conference, a Starry Sky Look up into the White Water Cave theme party and a series of starry sky theme research travel activities landing in the White water Cave scenic area.In the past three years, Baishuidong scenic area has also held a number of starry night tourism-themed parties, starry night camping music and light festival and other activities, creating a new CULTURAL and tourism IP of Xinshao County centering on the “heart of Hunan”.In November 2021, China Tourism Press launched the solicitation of “2021 China tourism Industry Influence Cases”. The evaluation results of each project were produced based on the relevant indicators and evaluation system, combined with online voting and professional evaluation by relevant experts.And the 9th China Tourism Industry Development Annual Conference will be held in Chongqing for the selected cases to declare units issued certificates.China Tourism Industry Development Annual Conference has been successfully held for 8 sessions since 2012, which is a professional national tourism industry brand activity.