Dragon king legend: the ancient month shoulder skirt good sexy, the original grace night hui into the opponent, Tang Wu Lin do his best

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Introduction: Legend of the Dragon King comic interpretation, Gu Yue’s off-the-shoulder dress is sexy, yuan En Night Hui into the opponent, Tang Wulin do his best.The dragon King legend comic has been updated, the title page of this story is the charming ancient moon.In the picture, gu Yue, a light green shoulder dress, looks really show gu Yue’s tall figure, quietly elegant color and a fresh feeling, is really let gu Yue looks good sexy or temperament, it is very beautiful.Back to the plot, after the six tang Wulin beat Luo Guixing’s team, there is no doubt that people will no longer think tang Wulin is not qualified.After all, Tang wulin and his teammates have proven themselves with strength.Therefore, although luo Guixing’s five men were all good in single combat, if they lost, they lost. No one would question Tang Wulin’s position as squad leader, because he deserved it.Luo Guixing is a wise man, although the front and Tang Wu Lin they make a little ugly, but don’t stand Luo Guixing thick-skinned and wise.Therefore, the next day in class, Luo Guixing took the initiative to show his good will and personally greeted Tang Wulin at the door.This scene is shocked Xu Yucheng and others, including Tang Wu Lin also feel that Luo Guixing is not right, otherwise how to him so enthusiastic.However, Luo Guixing already tang Wu Lin convinced, so he is from the heart.Although it looks a little lost face, but after all, it is a classmate, see every day, the relationship can repair nature or to repair, what’s more, Tang Wulin and Luo Guixing they do not have a grudge.But Luo Guixing can bend the practice or let a person admire, after all, not everyone is clear to go out of the face.Of course, this is only a small episode of the first grade, because soon everyone’s eyes will be focused on the beginning of the first and second grade communication competition.However, although it was only an exchange competition, it was very lively and many people came to watch the competition were of high status.Needless to say, it was a bit strange that CAI was there, but Wu changkong and Shen Yi wondered why CAI was so interested in watching the match.That puts a lot of pressure on The Seprobabilities, who know playing sophomores isn’t going to be easy.Especially the strength of the original grace night hui also became tang Wu Lin their opponents, Tang Wu Lin team this war is undoubtedly very difficult to play.However, because of the reputation of the freshmen, some sophomores thought they might lose too.But was the original grace night hui a look scared back, after all, the game or please don’t long others to destroy their authority.As for Tang Wu Lin, relief Xie Encounter, said they can do their best.After all, the gap between the first and second grade is very obvious, they both participate in the exchange competition, can win the best, can not win or learn a lot from the second grade opponent.Therefore, CAI old and the Holy Spirit, although they are heavyweights, by their observation of nature easy to make people nervous and feel pressure, but as long as the best is actually good.