Folk tale: he bought a little man from a market and became a millionaire

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During the Tang Dynasty, there was a scholar named Zhou Han.One day, in a market in the south, he saw a Yi man wearing a colorful scarf selling a dwarf.Zhou Han felt curious and asked, “What is the use of this little man?”The Yi explained, “This little man was acquired from the Nanhai sharks.He is good at entering the water. He can walk on the ground in the water.You put him under the water, and he can stay there for days.”Zhou Han liked it so much that he spent 300 taels of silver to buy the little man and gave him the name “water spirit”.Zhou Han took shui Jing from Shu by boat, out of the Three Gorges to Jiangling, after the Qutang Gorge, he let shui Jing dive into the bottom to see how deep the bottom is.And when the spirit of water led him into the water, and came out, he brought up much gold and silver vessels that had been sunk from the bottom of the water.Zhou Han happy bad, so every small boat moored in the river tan edge, he let water fine sink once, get some treasures up.He sold the treasure he found and became extremely rich.Zhou Han had a friend called Wang Ze, in the state of xiangzhou to do.Zhou Han traveled there and paid him a visit.Two people enjoy together, every day to change the place to play, imperceptibly over half a month.One day, they came to an octagonal ancient well in the northern corner of Xiangzhou.From this well smoke would steam morning and night, and spread for a hundred paces.Since ancient times, people have said that there is a golden dragon lurking at the bottom of this well, which will bring good weather to the land.Zhou Han listened to this and speculated that there would be treasures at the bottom of the well. He let the water go to the bottom to see what treasures there were.Shui Jing came back and said to Zhou Han, “Master, there is a big yellow dragon in the well. Its scales shine like gold. Now the dragon is sleeping with nine huge pearls in its arms.”If I had a sharp sword in my hand, I could kill huang Long and take the jewels for my master.”When Wang Ze heard this, he was so obsessed with wealth that he immediately took off the dagger he was wearing and said to water Essence: “This is the treasure passed down from my family. It was cast by the blood of the ancient sword maker.Now I will lend it to you. Run into the water and fetch up the nine great pearls.”Mizui drank a glass of wine, sword in hand, jumped down again.People around hear water jing longjing to take treasure of the news, are around to see, talk in succession.Suddenly, people saw the water spirit jump out of the well and ran away in panic.Then a golden dragon, hundreds of feet long and with razor-sharp claws, soared out of the well, roaring.The dragon stretched out its claws, caught the water spirit in a moment, and returned to the bottom of the well.When the crowd saw this, they were terrified and retreated, not daring to come any closer.Zhou Han and Wang Ze hurried round and round, a love his water spirit, a love his sword.Until evening, the water spirit did not come out.That night, Wang Ze dreamed of an old man in a brown fur coat with an unsophisticated look and said sternly, “I am the land god of Xiangzhou. Sir, you are the governor of Xiangzhou. How can you look down upon your people like this?The golden dragon in the well is moist, but you encouraged cunning and greedy heart, unscrupulous sent water spirit down the well to seize the treasure.””If the dragon is angry, the earth will move from heaven to earth, and a hundred miles of land will suddenly become a sea. All people will abandon their homes and lose their lives. At that time, how will you save your wealth and life?”Wang Ze frightened, hurriedly apologize again and again.From then on, I dare not be obsessed with wealth any more.The folk story Zhou Han is from Taiping Guangji.