In addition to Peng Dehuai, who can resist the United States to aid Korea, competent commander in chief of the volunteers?

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Everybody, this is Mo Lijun, thank you for your attention and support all the time!Peng Dehuai is not unfamiliar, he is the hero of new China, he led the Chinese people’s Volunteers to achieve the victory of the United States to aid Korea, Chairman MAO admired him, his calm, courage and wisdom to show the charm of the Chinese people’s volunteers in the new era.We always have a mistake, we think the commander of the Volunteer army only Peng Dehuai was a person, but the volunteer army had several commanders, Chen Geng and Deng Hua were one of them, they all took over the burden of their predecessors very well and brought victory to the Korean people.The choice of Peng Dehuai as commander in chief of the Volunteers was a clear choice, but peng dehuai was not the first choice at that time. Let’s take a look at who else was qualified and capable to command the volunteers to fight in Korea.Peng dehuai just mentioned that after China decided to move north to fight in Korea, there was a lot of debate about who should be commander in chief.The face is well-equipped Yankee, they have advanced weapons and strategic thought, there must be a steady to talent, and volunteers have millions of people, not before tinkering around the edges, if no command large corps combat experience is difficult to do, so central to many exploits marshal hangs out.When it comes to legion operations with millions of soldiers, there are only two generals who meet the requirements. One is Lin Biao, who commanded the Northeast Field Army, and the other is Su Yu, who commanded the East China Field Army. Obviously, they are all qualified to compete for the position of general commander.Speaking of Lin Biao, he was one of the most gifted commanders, his qualifications than the general marshal, when Zhu De, Liu Bocheng led the Nanchang uprising, Lin Biao was just an unknown grassroots, but his military ability was soon discovered.He achieved from the grassroots to the senior commander of the counter-attack, jinggangshan after the meeting, Lin Biao was Appreciated by Chairman MAO, just a few years, he served as the commander of the position, through counter-encircation and suppression, Lin Biao again showed exceptional military ability, can be said to be a “genius”.In the Anti-Japanese War, Lin Biao made pingxing pass victory, because of serious injuries, Lin Biao temporarily withdrew from the battlefield.When the liberation war is Lin Biao’s highlight moment, he turned defeat into victory in adversity, leading the Northeast field army to liberate the northeast three provinces with great strength and strength, after the smooth meeting, the number of his command team reached an astonishing 1.5 million people.He was thus perfectly qualified to be commander-in-chief of the volunteers.Suyu in his old age: He fought immortal battles all the time. Suyu was a god of war, and either he did not fight or he would win the battle outright. Suyu was also promoted quickly.During the Anti-Japanese War, he and Chen Yi jointly led the New Fourth Army, repeatedly trouncing the Japanese aggressors.His legendary moment came during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, when he shocked the whole China with his splendid achievements in seven battles and seven victories. After the establishment of the East China Field Army, he commanded the field Army to win the Huaihai War. When the Battle across the River began, the number of the East China Field Army also exceeded one million.His ability is unquestionable, and if he had gone to Korea, he would have fought a good battle.Zhu De Zhu de:Ten generalissimo, chairman MAO’s most trusted person zhu DE’s ability and status is beyond doubt, chairman MAO also very relieved to give millions of volunteers to zhu DE, give him the position of commander in chief and no one will defy spirit, but the reality in here, the Korean, chu has been old, although it was li-an, aim at thousands of miles, but the journey long,It is not suitable for Zhu De to fight in Korea, and Zhu De served as China’s highest military chief position, he is going to fight against the United States to aid Korea what accident is a major blow to the young New China.Zhu De was famous and capable, but he held an important position and was old.Liu Bocheng: The founder of new China’s military education, known as the “Sichuan Army God”, anyone who has studied history in middle school knows that Liu Bocheng played an extremely important role in the growth of new China, and was involved in many key battles.He first came to prominence during the Nanchang uprising and served as chief of staff while other generals were still low-level.During the Red Army period, he again served as chief of the general staff and enjoyed high prestige in the Red Army.After the War of Resistance against Japan began, he got to know Deng Xiaoping, one of them served as a division commander, the other served as political commissar, their cooperation was invincible, in the enemy’s rear opened up the Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong and Henan revolutionary base, for the party’s growth is of vital significance.Do you know what the prelude to a strategic counteroffensive is?It was Liu And Deng who leapt thousands of miles into the Dabie Mountains, and then their people’s Liberation Army was overwhelming and successfully participated in the Huaihai Campaign and the River Crossing Campaign. The number of enemy annihilated in a campaign was as high as 550,000. His brilliance cannot be duplicated.Without Peng Dehuai, these four generals have the ability to serve as commander-in-chief of the volunteer army, do you agree?