Little brother is too hard to be!Germany refuses to end Nord Stream 2. Us forces Japan to contribute energy to Europe?

2022-04-24 0 By

The situation in Ukraine and Russia remains dire, with the United States intent on starting a war and the European Union’s leaders, France and Germany, resisting.In America’s view, Germany’s reluctance to pick a fight with Russia is partly driven by fears of a weakened EU as a whole and partly by Europe’s dependence on Russian gas.After a failed attempt to form an anti-Russian energy alliance, The United States is now targeting Japan, its junior partner, for supplying energy to Europe.According to US media reports, On February 7 local time, German Chancellor Scholz met with US President Joe Biden and the two sides talked about the nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project.Mr. Biden said that if Russia did move to “invade Ukraine,” Then Germany should end the program.”I’m going to see this program end,” Biden promised during the meeting.Scholz surprised the United States. He avoided mentioning nord Stream 2’s name at the press conference and did not explicitly say that he would end the project outright. During the rest of the day, Scholz never said anything negative about Nord Stream 2.However, the US media must seize the handle of Scholz, a reporter asked: since the promise to take the same measures as the US to punish Russia, does that mean the termination of nord Stream 2?Mr. Scholz said Germany will act in concert with the United States. It will not take different measures, it will move at the same pace, and these measures will be very tough on Russia, and the Russians should realize that.Mr Scholz’s vague reply also fully demonstrates that Germany does not intend to give up nord Stream 2.Last winter, when Europe was in the midst of an energy crisis, the United States, a European ally, not only did not come to its rescue, but even took advantage of soaring European gas prices to do business.Scholz was clear that Nord Stream 2 would do Europe more good than harm, and that it would not be a source of embarrassment, even if it might lead to greater dependence on Russian energy.The US claims to be an ally of the EU, but in fact it has been stabbing the EU behind its back.Japan is well aware of this.According to Japanese media reported on February 9, sources disclosed that the United States had put forward a request, Japan needs to provide Europe with part of the LIQUEFIED natural gas, currently, the Japanese government is considering the United States proposal.Japanese media said that the US request is a countermeasure for the escalation of the situation in Ukraine.The problem is that LNG is also particularly important to Japan, which is an essential energy source for power-hungry Japan and is not an LNG producer, relying almost entirely on imports for its coal-fired power generation and urban gas use.Combined with Japan’s high demand for heating and hot water during the winter, energy supplies to Europe are limited.Last year, the country’s western regions suffered power shortages due to a shortage of LIQUEFIED natural gas, and this winter Japan’s electricity demand is also severe.Even so, the government says it will discuss what can be done without affecting people’s lives.But Japan’s huge demand for LIQUEFIED natural gas in February means it has too much on its plate to be generous with Europe.The United States, an exporter of LIQUEFIED natural gas (LNG), has turned to Japan, an energy-starved country, to help Europe.But it also fully shows that the United States, as the leader of the West, is unwilling to provide any help to its Allies. In their eyes, their own interests are above all else, and the United States will certainly not take action as long as it is disadvantageous to itself.I believe that this operation of the United States will certainly make a lot of Allies disappointed.Japan, which has been serving as a “loyal younger brother” of the United States, is now being attacked by the United States, which deserves its own punishment.European countries should wake up to the fact that fooling around with America will only end up as cannon fodder.If the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to worsen, it will be the United States that stands to gain, while Europe will become cannon fodder for Biden’s efforts to contain Russia.