Red on the 6 stars: Wang Chuanjun looked down on “Love Apartment”, Huang Shengyi temper

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Red on the “gone with the wind” of the 6 stars: Zhang greatly “annoying”, Han Geng record career decline — introduction.The entertainment circle every year there will be famous artists, some artists after the explosion is still cautious and dedicated to their career, but there is no lack of some of the popularity of the “gone with the wind” artist, after the red on the forget himself or even play the big name, some even back to step on their own works.Early zhang Dada is just a small agent of Mango TV, just because in the “I am a singer” program, because Tan Weiwei came on stage and cried, and became popular, at that time, there are many netizens said that Zhang Dada is in order to become popular just deliberately steal the limelight of Tan Weiwei.Later, under the support of uproot shayna on, zhang went around size variety greatly, also follow up, can be a much more aggressive after becoming famous, is talk to uproot shayna at the beginning, after on the show is, once invited propaganda, Chinatown wanted more daring to say to want to “kill” wang baoqiang,Such a temper earned him a period of joint celebrity counterattack.Jin Xing bluntly let him change his name to Mrs. Zhang, zhang Dada on the spot crying, can only say that these are only his own fault.The actor, who rose to fame thanks to the magic of Sekiya in Ipartade, has kept quiet about the TV series and his former costars, and is on cloud nine after appearing in supporting roles in several high-grossing films.Many people remember that he once said that he had only one million yuan in his credit card when he was the poorest, giving people a feeling of invisible show of wealth. Later, it was said that Wang Chuanjun’s works must be big productions, or he would not participate in them.More people broke the news, in the set, Wang Chuanjun met a popular artist will take the initiative to add each other’s contact information, on the contrary, not popular artists, encourage each other to practice acting, with a snobbier, prideful feeling.Internet users were disgusted by the cast of ipartment, which made them famous. Although iPartment is not a good drama, the first three episodes did attract a lot of interest.Without the explosion of “Ipartment”, there would be no chance for Wang Chuanjun later. This kind of behavior of forgetting his roots is indeed some “inferior head”.3, Kim Kim and Eric are come from the love apartment, at the time of filming “love apartment” also told Eric “actor must have a sense of shame”, that is because of this, Jin Shi JiaCheng name after the same for “love apartment”, after studying abroad, when in the entertainment industry would have come back to his position.For this reason, he went on to criticize the state of the entertainment industry in front of the media, which is correct, but under the circumstances, can only be said to be too arrogant.Because of lu Zhanbo’s role, Jin shijia also received a lot of film offers, but he did not like these films, resulting in a long period of time out of work, so far only one or two TV series, only a supporting role.And like Wang Chuanjun, after he began to play some supporting roles in some movies, he began to feel “stoned”. Most of the time, he spoke with his own pride.4. In the early years of Le Jia, le Jia was loved by the audience because of her popular appearance and humorous style. At the peak, both local TV stations and CCTV invited Le Jia to do programs.In the variety show super Speaker, he kissed Xie Na forcibly, insulted Lu Yu on stage after drinking, and said That Venus was a “death eunuch”, etc. He was banned for his outspoken words.Now le Jia can only accept some small commercial performance, can only say that his current situation is his own fault, blame others.Huang Shengyi is a famous artist promoted by Stephen Chow. Thanks to the movie kung Fu, huang Shengyi became popular all over the country. He had an infinite scenery at that time, but also because of the halo on him, Huang Shengyi began to float.Due to her fame at that time, the crew did not care too much about her, and the final result was that huang Shengyi could not be seen during the film promotion, and later because of some reasons and their own beller Stephen Chow in court.It was originally thought that she could make a name for herself with the help of “Sister Who Rides the Waves”, but unexpectedly, she was also criticized the most in the whole program. She did not give the staff a good face and made other sisters very embarrassed. As a result, there are few people looking for her to shoot TV series, and she can only be familiar with them in variety shows.6, han geng han geng is one of the most famous one thing done at the time of recording “day day up” all of a sudden exit, the host Wang Han have received, this is not the first time that han geng appear such circumstance, because in the light of the media before the big birthday party was out suddenly, cause the audience bitterness, also direct severed all he and light the next cooperation.The reason for his arrogance is that he used to be a member of the boy group Superjunior, and was once very popular in South Korea. 2008 was also the most popular year when Han Geng returned to China for development. All kinds of resources were thrown at him, which also led to his unclear cognition of himself and began to “float away”.Also because of the two strike events, Han Geng’s reputation plummeted, and then failed to stir up any waves, plus Bao Bell wedding “wedding trouble” event, there is also han Geng, after the popularity never get up.