The emaciated lion was injured and the zoo responded that it was recovering from paralysis

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Extreme news reporter Zhang Qi video clip peng Liu Liu

On February 11, a weak lion with leg injuries and unable to walk at the Dezhou Zoo and Botanical Garden in Shandong province made a visitor Surnamed Xiao feel distressed and concerned about why the lion was injured.On February 12, The Extreme Vision news reporter contacted the park staff to learn that the African lion had suffered from spinal neuritis at the end of last year, resulting in paralysis of its hind limbs, and had been receiving treatment in an enclosed environment.He was allowed to roam freely in the museum because of good weather for several days.Ms Xiao’s video shows the lion’s left hind leg looking awkward and moving slowly.Ms Xiao told reporters that she also found a large wound on the lion’s left hind leg, which she thought had been bitten by another lion, and wondered if the zoo staff had taken care of it in time.On the morning of February 12, extreme vision news reporters contacted the Texas Zoo and Botanical Garden.An official in charge of external publicity explained that the African lion photographed by Ms Xiao was introduced in 2016.At the end of 2021, the lion suddenly became paralyzed and was diagnosed with spinal neuritis.Since then, park vets have treated the lion and it was able to stand on its own earlier this month.In recent days, when the weather was good, the keeper put the lion into the pavilion to help it recover.Staff told reporters that spinal cord neuritis is not easy for cats to recover, the lion was lucky to be able to return to normal after suffering from the disease.The lion continues to undergo rehabilitation treatment.Texas Zoo and Botanical Garden information (source: public account Of The Texas Zoo and Botanical Garden) 12 morning, The Texas Zoo and Botanical Garden for this matter publicly released information.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.