Big 12 situation!The first team has qualified, South Korea team 1 win to advance, Japan and Australia to fight for a place?

2022-04-25 0 By

Up to now, the world Preliminary Round of 12 Asian region has been finished 7 rounds of matches, the latest situation shows that there is a team has advanced, that is Iran.In addition, South Korea, Japan and Australia and other strong teams, are temporarily unable to lock the place.This round of competition, Iran and smooth got 3 points, so far they have 7 rounds of matches to get 19 points, 10 points ahead of the third group A united Arab Emirates, in only 3 rounds of matches left, Iran has locked A place in advance.In this round of 12, The Iranian team faced many difficulties, and it was even revealed that they were still wearing the old jerseys, but it did not affect the Iranian team’s performance.In Group A, Iran is unbeaten so far, with six wins and one draw, making them the standings.In addition to Iran, South Korea is also close to securing a qualifying spot.After defeating Lebanon, South Korea is currently in second place with 17 points, eight points behind the United Arab Emirates. With only three matches remaining, South Korea is one win away from qualifying.Four days later, South Korea will play Syria, and as long as they beat their opponents to get three points, they will not care about the results of other teams.The big question in Group A is whether the UNITED Arab Emirates can hold on to third place.With the Uae only four points ahead of Lebanon, they face Iran, South Korea and Iraq to finish third in the group if they lose all three games.In Group B, Saudi Arabia have 19 points but are yet to qualify directly and face Japan, China and Australia in their last three matches.They are currently four points ahead of Japan and five points behind Third-placed Australia, and with Japan and Australia still to play, a win in the last three rounds would give Saudi Arabia a lock on the top two spots.Considering the strength of the national football team, and Saudi Arabia has a huge gap, I believe this strong team in West Asia, out of the line is only a matter of time.That means Japan and Australia will have to fight it out for another group berth.Although the Japanese team is currently in second place, but could be overtaken at any time.The result of the scrimmage between the top three teams in this group will determine which one of them, Japan and Australia, will advance directly, and one of them will most likely play in the play-offs.As for the Chinese national football team, all kinds of mathematical geniuses still help to calculate the probability of qualifying before the start of the round of 12, there is only a chance for the theoretical play-off, that is to say, we can prepare in advance for the World Cup in 4 years!