Bike Village, Zhenfeng County: Build “Four New teams” to help “Four Gardens and Four Beauties”

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Bike Village, Yongfeng Street, Zhenfeng County, is a Buyi village with a total of 555 households and 2,448 people under the jurisdiction of 3 large groups and 19 villager groups.Will promote rural revitalization process, village by creating “four new teams,” solid foundation to carry out the policy propaganda, living environment and dissolve the neighborhood disputes, local custom civilization series of activities such as inheritance of national culture, beautiful scene gradually formed in the countryside, the villagers “four garden four beauty” vision gradually realize, the village formed a good deeds all kua, abuse all grasp,A good atmosphere in which everyone strives for understanding and civilization.To build a new type of party members vanguard volunteer team, help to achieve prosperous in rural production beauty.In view of the situation that the people of Bike Village are not familiar with the Party’s policies and the ideas of industrial development are unclear, Bike Village New Era Civilization Practice Station has created a vanguard team of new Party members whose main body is excellent Party members who understand policies, business and technology.The avant-garde volunteers continue to do a good job in the party’s policy publicity and agricultural industry technology training in the form and carrier of the forum, tiankan meeting, dam meeting, grid meeting, group meeting and so on.Vanguard closely around “kind of mulberry sericulture” core in the industry to discuss, through the fields at the scene of mobilization, on-site training, guide the villagers actively developing sericulture, at the same time take cooperative + base + peasant household operation mode, absorb the villagers work, guaranteed recovery farming households cocoons and mulberry leaves, growing kind of mulberry sericulture industry,We have successfully explored ways to develop the “mulberry – cocoon – silk” industrial chain, which has helped increase industrial efficiency and farmers’ income.Create a new health and environmental protection volunteer team to help realize the ecological beauty in the garden.In the past, bike Village was faced with dirty, messy, poor environmental hygiene and poor environmental awareness. The New era Civilization Practice Station of Bike Village has created a new voluntary service team of environmental hygiene with the “eight masters”, health demonstration households and village work teams as the main body.Service to “ecological livable” as the goal, through the chamber of commerce, the form of a pep rally, in the village, in front of the 3 packets, red HeiBang publicity for the gripper mechanism, actively promoting health environmental protection knowledge and extensive civilization to inform, remind of civilization, civilization and remonstration civilized conduct propaganda activity, to environmental health guidance to farmers and to guide the masses to set up the ecological environmental protection consciousness,Develop good living habits.Every week, we actively organize and carry out the work of “cleaning up the five zang organs, treating the six chaos and creating the seven beauty”, giving full play to the main role of villagers and arousing the consciousness, enthusiasm and initiative of the masses to participate in the improvement of the living environment, thus forming a good work pattern in which the whole people participate and everyone supervises.Create a new sunset service volunteer team to help realize the beauty of life in the home.In view of the weak awareness of the rule of law of the masses in Bike Village, the tension between neighbors and the prevalence of old habits, Bike Village new era civilization Practice station has made every effort to build a new sunset service volunteer team with village elders, retired cadres and retired teachers as the main body.Sunset service volunteer group to advocate the “civilized behavior” as the gripper, in the home of left-behind children cultural corridor, harmonious pavilion, witness tree, as the carrier, such as by autonomy to promote self-discipline, rules of law and virtue but fresh air, the deepening of the rule of law education, dissolve the neighborhood disputes, promoting the rule of law culture into the village, the socialist core values and practice into the rural development laws and regulations.Combining non-genetic inheritance and protection, cultural training and guidance are provided to young people in the form of “big hands holding small hands”, so as to inherit and carry forward local ethnic cultures.Through allegri, singing folk songs and other popular means to promote publicity, education and cultural evaluation, promote advanced culture into villages and households, take a clear stand against old customs and bad habits such as extravagant ceremonies for weddings and funerals, social comparisons, sky-high betrothal gifts and gambling, and advocate new cultural trends.Create a new culture and art volunteer team to help realize the spiritual beauty of Music in the hometown.For will village buie traditional mining and carry forward the national culture is not enough, will village station based on new era civilization practice will g buie ancient village profound national culture and history and culture, to inheriting good farming culture, rule of law culture, national culture, village culture as the guarantee, to build with national intangible cultural heritage style lovers, teachers, volunteer group as the main body of the new culture and art.The culture and art volunteer team led the masses to fully excavate the traditional culture of Buyi nationality in Bike Village, and set up seven cultural and sports teams with their own characteristics, including lion dance team, dragon lantern team, gunshu team, Buyi eight-tone team, basketball team and folk song team.Cultural performances, skills and other activities will be held in the square once a week, so that the people can get spiritual nourishment, enhance their spiritual strength and stimulate endogenous motivation.With artistic performance and the Spring Festival, May Day, National Day festival, guests, and other national folk activities as the carrier, the local custom civilization construction with the ancient songs, drama, brush and other traditional culture and the dance “‘ guests’ worship”, “SAN yue SAN” buie amorous feelings together, take an active part in various cultural and artistic performance activities, build a strong national atmosphere in the villages, strengthen the villages of attraction,Improve the cultural quality of the people.Guizhou daily Sky eye news reporter Tang Bo editor Liu Chaofu Song Jie editor Chen Zuyu