Durant urges Harden to take a $70 million pay cut to win NBA title 4 years, $200 million no sign Nets will make deal with 76ers

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According to a new report from Brian Lewis of the New York Post, the Nets are willing to try to trade Harden because the two sides are so far apart on the value of his extension that they don’t want to risk accepting harden’s five-year, $270 million contract extension and are only willing to offer harden a four-year, $208 million extension.The nets’ front office plans to complete Harden’s three-year, $161.1 million extension by the start of this season, plus his $47.37 million salary for the 2022-23 season, for a four-year, $208 million deal.Durant also wants Harden to complete such a deal, as the two played together in the Nets through the 2025-26 season, winning multiple championships together.But that doesn’t fit with Harden’s career plans, which are aimed at signing a five-year, $270 million supermax contract in the summer of 2022.”The Nets are having a hard time accepting harden’s asking price.””Nets management felt a five-year, $270 million extension was too risky, especially given Harden’s apparent decline this season.”That’s the tricky part of dealing with harden’s extension or trade.Harden wants to stay with the Nets and join Durant on a championship run, but wants that supermax offer and is willing to trade to the 76ers if the Nets decide to turn it down.”Whether harden stays with the Nets or trades to the 76ers before the February 10 trade deadline, his goal is to sign a five-year, $270 million contract this summer.””Harden doesn’t want a sign-and-trade in the summer,” Lewis said. “He’s only getting $200 million over four years. That’s about $70 million in the middle.”The Nets’ front office sees a four-year, $208 million extension as a win-win, and Durant expects Harden to accept it.Harden is holding out for a supermax, the last major contract of his career.A new ESPN news report confirms that Harden is looking for a new agent to help deal with a contract extension.Jason Renney and Chaffee Fields played key roles in the trade that brought Harden to the Nets, but harden ended his relationship with each other after the trade was completed.”Harden is looking for an agent to help him negotiate with the Nets.””If harden stays with the Nets after the trade deadline, he will continue to negotiate a five-year, $270 million extension with the front office.It’s hard to convince the Nets with Harden’s body and game, and if they can’t reach an agreement, harden will leave the Nets in a sign-and-trade similar to Chris Paul’s trade to the Rockets in 2017.”The Nets also face a tough decision, agreeing to harden’s five-year, $270 million extension, which could be a huge liability.But a year ago, the Nets almost overstretched the franchise’s assets for the next seven years in order to acquire Harden.#NBA regular season highlights #