Farm fertilizer and chemical fertilizer biological contrast, long-term interest at short-term interest, you choose which one

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Rural use farmyard fertilizer, farmyard fertilizer is organic fertilizer, very common in rural areas, such as pig manure this is farmyard fertilizer.So what is the effect of farm manure on the soil?Why does it increase crop yield, and what promotes plant growth?The soil has enzymes that break down these organisms.We call it soil enzyme, and it’s an organic component in its own right.It can improve soil quality and microbial activity and other factors.Black soil contains soil urease and phosphatase, which can decompose organic matter in soil manure and provide plants with growth elements they need. As a fertilizer, manure itself cannot be directly absorbed and utilized by plants.Organic fertilizer it only through the microorganism in the soil and enzyme “the composition that acts as decomposer in nature” decomposition, organic matter that cannot be absorbed by plant in organic fertilizer is decomposed into small molecule can be absorbed by plant organic matter, thus achieve a kind of effect that can carry on to plant catalysis growth.What has consistent effect with farm manure is chemical fertilizer of course.Chemical fertilizers are organic compounds that have been decomposed and can be absorbed by plants. Most of the elements in chemical fertilizers contain nitrogen and phosphorus.Because chemical fertilizers are relatively simple, they can be used by plants without being broken down by organic matter in the soil.This results in a marked decline in soil fertility when the fertilizer is used up.Because of the heavy use of fertilizers, the substances in the fertilizers are broken down into other substances by microorganisms and enzymes, and the inorganic substances in the soil are precipitated, causing soil compaction.Compared to chemical fertilizer, farm manure was not as fertile as direct fertilizer at the time.But farm manure can be continuously broken down by microbes and enzymes in the soil.The elements needed by the plant will be continuously broken down.The use of farm manure year after year can lead to a lack of microbial growth in soil.Thus, the decomposition efficiency of farm manure can be improved.The soil will get richer and richer every year.It doesn’t cause soil compaction, that kind of overnutrition, and farm manure lasts longer than chemical fertilizers and can be well absorbed by plants.It is difficult to burn plants because of too much fertiliser. Fertiliser can be effective immediately, but improper use of fertiliser can inhibit plant growth and even burn plants.Low concentrations of chemical fertilizers do not promote plant growth well and high concentrations can sometimes inhibit plants.In terms of various analyses, we should respect the organic matter in the soil. Microorganisms use farm manure to promote pollution from the growth of microorganisms, thus increasing the enzymes in the soil to achieve a better decomposition of organic fertilizer, so that the increase in soil fertility, continuous continuous.Land fertility, become a virtuous cycle.