Folklore four: “The third and fourth day to see the mother-in-law”

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As for why to “three and four to see the mother-in-law”, more reliable argument has three: first, married to the daughter is already other people’s daughter-in-law, the New Year must have a lot of people to pay New Year’s visit, daughter-in-law to help entertain, so the first two can not go back home;Second, on the first two days of the first lunar month, if the married daughter returned to her family, she would eat the family out of money.Third, “the married girl should not meet the ‘clan son’ of her family, otherwise, it is not good for her brothers.”I also don’t know that is true, anyway is the old generation handed down the rules, perhaps, when not true!On the surface, “three and four to see mother-in-law”, accompany daughter-in-law back home is a good thing, in fact, in a lot of people’s hearts, can not go to the best not to go, but, this is etiquette, not to go, so ah, most of it is “detain” to go to the door of the mother-in-law home.Send finished “god”, “year” is the past, began to walk “blood relatives” outside the relatives.Since ancient times, there is a saying: “people have three relatives, in-law with brother-in-law”, that is to say, relatives, to wife blood ties of relatives, is the closest relatives, after all, in the home to say, most or “wife door”, class, bear not to admit?Unless the sisters are about good, otherwise, the third day, will board the father-in-law door, especially the newly married couple, this day, is the most important!There is a good song called “a chicken in the left hand, a duck in the right hand, and a fat baby on the back”, which is probably the “standard match” of the mother’s family.After breakfast, he dressed up as “head golden foot brocade” and prepared all kinds of gifts for his family. He got on all kinds of vehicles and took “prisoners” (son-in-law) and “spoils” (children), all the way to his family.According to the blood relationship, when you are in the mother-in-law’s house, you are an “outsider”. Even if the mother-in-law loves her son-in-law, it is just superficial.In the mother-in-law’s house, this is the daughter-in-law’s “home”, you see, the mother-in-law took the daughter that close, and even “New Year’s Eve” dumplings, also want to leave a part, see the daughter home, then give the daughter to eat, but also carry the son-in-law’s face, prevent the son-in-law as outsiders!Moreover, more good things would be presented to the daughter, as if her daughter had been so wronged at her mother-in-law’s house that her son-in-law was “not a human being” inside and out.Go to mother-in-law’s sons-in-law, this day, is generally more suffer: in the usual treatment daughter-in-law is good to say, if it is a general relationship between husband and wife, or is a little domestic violence, you try, a large group of in-law, waiting for you, see you are not frightened!What’s more, a lot of places a “drink” abuse, as if, not to pour son-in-law on hands under the table, as if something is missing, despite the son-in-law have capacity for liquor, “I do, you” anyway, “affection shallow, a lick and deep emotions, stuffy” full table waiting for you, do not have a try?Are you going to eat you?Trying to sneak around?You think too much!I don’t know anyone else, but I’ve never been married since. When I go to my husband’s house, there are very few opportunities for me to go home without spitting wine.My friends, is that the case in your country?Tell me, do you have the same style?