How to store ginger?White hair inside ginger is normal, yellow still can edible?

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“Plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum” is called the four gentlemen of flowers, while “onion, ginger, garlic and pepper” is called the four gentlemen of spices by chefs.I used to dislike ginger.Because it is spicy, not my taste, so do not use it for cooking, maintenance of the body do not touch it.But an accident, let me ginger have a new sense of respect.It has long been heard that “radish in winter and ginger in summer keep you healthy throughout the year”.Last winter I had a sore throat. It didn’t hurt or itch, but I kept producing phlegm in the morning. I couldn’t spit or swallow.I saw a message on the Internet that eating ginger has the effect of relieving shortness of breath and removing phlegm.So I did.Ah needless to say, really work, there is an effect, as long as there is urgent phlegm count a small piece of ginger, ginger to the disease immediately in addition.It can’t go to the root, but it can always make you feel better.With this good method, I go to the supermarket to buy ginger always like to buy more, but the problem comes, after buying there is no preservation method, where to put aside, with a few days, found ginger inside and outside the color is not the same.At first it was white inside, but after a few days it turned dark yellow.I just want to ask the masters who understand the preservation of ginger, what is the cause of this, is it broken?It doesn’t look like it, it smells right, and it doesn’t taste bitter.That’s what it looks like. Is it broken?But the total feeling and just bought back is not quite the same, ask the masters to tell, what reason is caused?Is it rotten? Is it still edible?Buy more how to save?Thank you all!