Shenyang city bureau to do a good job during the festival cigarette market control

2022-04-25 0 By

In order to promote the special actions of “Net 2022” and “Escort 2022” to get off to a good start, The Tobacco Monopoly Administration of Shenyang city, Liaoning Province has been doing its best to control the cigarette market during the holiday.Multi-party linkage and convergence force.Shenyang Municipal Bureau held special work coordination meeting to strengthen communication and cooperation with food and drug investigation, technical investigation, network investigation, map investigation, railway public security and other departments;Implement the holiday duty system of the tobacco-related intelligence research and judgment platform, exchange intelligence information, cooperate closely, integrate law enforcement forces, form joint work force, jointly operate and solve major cases, and strengthen the control power of the cigarette market.Targeted supervision and early prevention.Pay attention to the dynamic comparison and analysis of cigarette storage and sales data of key retail households, combine the field inventory, internal management system early warning, abnormal household screening, screen abnormal risk points, realize dynamic monitoring and control of market inventory, strengthen the frequency of market inspection with targeted measures, and ensure the advance of risk control and timely and effective prevention.Strengthen marking cast iron mesh.Focus on the investigation of intercity boundaries, rural markets, transportation hubs, urban and rural areas and other areas, severely crack down on tobacco related illegal activities.Strengthen joint supervision with the postal and other departments, organize monopoly personnel to strengthen monitoring and guarding of key logistics delivery enterprises, collection points and logistics parks, and earnestly maintain market order.Publicity and education.Carry out publicity and guidance with the help of the honesty and mutual aid group platform, carry out targeted publicity for new households, key households and historical illegal households, and guide retail households to enhance the awareness of abiding by laws and regulations.