The National football team lost to Vietnam!The media ridicule: players around the beauty of more, more money, but the level is really not good

2022-04-25 0 By

It’s really annoying that Vietnamese media don’t focus on their own athletes, but spend so much energy on our athletes!Some Vietnamese media reprinted the wives and girlfriends of Chinese athletes once reached the “crazy” point, such as a dragon, almost every month in the news will appear one or two paragraphs of a dragon’s girlfriend reported.As the Vietnamese men’s football team finished abusing the Chinese men’s football team on the first day of the Chinese New Year, the Vietnamese media certainly won’t let go of such a good opportunity, in recent days, reports on the Chinese men’s football team emerge in endlessly.A few days before the analysis of the game situation to yesterday our country player’s wife, girlfriend was grilled, everywhere is full of sarcasm to our country player.I have to say, the world preliminary match on the first day of the New Year is really worrying, now the National football team is no longer a problem of attitude, really to the team skills inferior to The Times.Not only did he not have any achievements in attack, he did not have any advantage in height, and he never had a chance to score a header.In addition, on the defensive end, the defensive players seemed to dare not step forward, a dodging ball movement directly sent the Vietnamese players off to a good start.Chinese football player Wang Yong Po and his wife have become the objects of satire in Vietnamese media.One of Soha’s tweets read: “Chinese players are always surrounded by beautiful women and make money easily, but their performance is terrible.The tweet was accompanied by a picture of Wang wing Po and his wife Bijia.Maybe this photo is the latest material found by Vietnamese media.It was this photo that turned Wang into cannon fodder. Not only was it criticized by Vietnamese media, but the comments section below was merciless, covering wang’s body, girlfriend, income, technology and so on.While most of the reports and comments are not true, it has to be said that Vietnamese will go to any lengths to disgust Chinese sports.In addition to Wang yongpo, there are a number of former national football players have also been attacked by the Vietnamese media, such as Gao Lin.Similar to Wang yongpo, gao Lin’s wife has also been criticised by the media, and his lack of abdominal muscles has also come under intense criticism.However, when Gao Lin played for the National football team, he only had the chance to shut up, so it was impossible to give them such a sarcastic opportunity.In the 2009 Asian Cup qualifier, China scored six goals against Vietnam and won by five goals.It was in that match that Gao Lin successfully put on the hat and created the biggest score gap between China and Vietnam.No wonder Gao Lin was gnashed by the Vietnamese media.Although gao Lin and Wang Yongpo are no longer in the team, the fans will never forget what happened before.When they played for China, Vietnam and Syria were ignored by the Chinese national team, which was not as strong as Iran and Japan, but could wrestle with Middle Eastern powers like Saudi Arabia and Iraq.But now the national football team players are really not as good as gao Lin, Wang Yongpo during the national football team strength.Although some of the reports and comments of Vietnamese media are unrealistic, it has to be said that the existing problems of National football team are quite many. The loss of National football team to Vietnam is the result of the problems not being solved and the national football team players becoming more and more indulgent.If you really want to make a qualitative leap in the level of National football players, the first problem to be solved is to quickly let the players out of the “comfort zone”, find a real appropriate way of development, relying on high salaries to hire foreign aid to drive development has already failed.