The experience is immersive and the iQOO Neo5S game is a real surprise

2022-04-25 0 By

It has been two months since the launch of #iQOO Neo5S, the latest addition to the iQOO Neo range, but consumers are still interested in the aircraft.This machine is a few high-end products dare to apply Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor products, with a strong core base, combined with innovative cooling technology, the overall performance is quite good.The following is our test of the machine in the game, in order to better understand the machine in the game experience.The iQOO Neo5S is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, so we first tested the iQOO Neo5S with a running score of 830,000 +.At the same time, the machine also applies innovative heat dissipation technology, the addition of high conductivity rare earth elements, to achieve a higher rate of heat dissipation, processor play more stable.Thanks to the processor and cooling technology, we have been able to run mainstream games consistently throughout the game, successfully crossing the standard esports threshold.IQOO Neo5S also uses independent display chip Pro. The biggest highlight of this chip lies in the frame rate improvement mode, which can be adapted to many mainstream games. The game scene is more exquisite and optimized, and the picture is changed from low frame to high frame.When playing a game, just turn on the game insert and enjoy the smooth and smooth experience of increasing the frame rate. After all, who could resist a better visual experience?IQOO Neo5S has passed the KPL Match Machine Test certification, which optimizes the details of the game in a multi-dimensional way.First, the iQOO Neo5S supports pre-update, which intelligently updates game resources as long as they are on a Wi-Fi connection, which is especially useful for game parties.Secondly, super touch acceleration is adapted in Peace Elite and King of Glory. When running these two games, the instantaneous touch sampling rate of 1000Hz can be provided, and the experience of mobile phone’s sensitive hand tracking can be intuitively felt in the actual test.In addition, there are network and memory optimizations that make the iQOO Neo5S more like a professional game experience.IQOO Neo5S has enhanced visual and auditory stimulation by collaborating with the game and incorporating VRS variable resolution rendering technology. When running a specific game, the eye can’t help but be drawn to the key areas, which provide a more detailed image quality.In terms of hearing, iQOO Neo5S achieves full-link sound quality improvement, bringing more immersive auditory enjoyment and creating a more comfortable gaming environment.IQOO Neo5S’s performance in battery life is also more in line with current players’ game needs. Generally speaking, this mobile phone has almost no shortcomings in games, and it is indeed a strong e-sports machine.The iQOO Neo5S is attractive to gamers who like to play games and enjoy a high-quality gaming experience at 2K price points.