There were no new positive cases in Shenzhen on January 10. The source of the epidemic in Shenzhen may be foreign goods

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On the afternoon of January 10, shenzhen held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control.At the meeting, it was reported that based on the existing epidemiological clues, a preliminary conclusion was made that the source of “0107” may be foreign goods.As of 17:00 On January 10, a total of 4 confirmed cases have been reported from “0107”, which belong to the same transmission chain. Four cases are hospitalized in stable condition.In this round of nucleic acid screening, 22.1878 million nucleic acid samples have been collected, and all the other results were negative except for the positive cases found.Lin Hancheng, second-level inspector of Municipal Health Commission, Wang Yaowen, Deputy Director of Municipal Government Affairs Service Data Administration Bureau, Xia Dong, Standing Committee member and Deputy District Head of Luohu District Committee, and Gu Gengjun, Standing Committee Member and Deputy District Head of Longgang District Committee released the latest situation of epidemic prevention and control and answered questions of journalists.Municipal propaganda deputy minister, municipal government news office director Wu Jun presided over the conference.▲ Conference site.Lin Hancheng, secondary inspector of the Municipal Health Commission, said that the current epidemic flow and virus tracing showed that the strains infected by the four cases were all Delta variant strains (evolutionary branch of AY.103), and 100% homologous.According to the comparison, the mutant strain is from a different source from the previous domestic epidemic in the Mainland, the recent local epidemic in Hong Kong and the novel Coronavirus infection in shenzhen.Case 1 in this outbreak works in the international supply chain of goods and has a recent history of contact with foreign goods.Based on comprehensive analysis, this outbreak is a domestic one caused by imported coronavirus, and there is a high possibility of infection caused by exposure to novel coronavirus contamination abroad.No new positive cases have been found in the city-wide nucleic acid screening, Lin hancheng said, since the outbreak of the epidemic, in order to timely and effectively find and control the source of infection, block the spread of the epidemic, the city has given full play to the role of nucleic acid screening “demining”, from 12 o ‘clock on January 7 to 24 o ‘clock on January 9, a round of city-wide nucleic acid screening was organized.A total of 22.1878 million nucleic acid samples have been collected, and 100% of the tests have been completed. The results were negative except for case 3, which was found in the close connection flow survey, and case 4, which was found in the nucleic acid test screening of key populations.Relevant municipal and district departments have comprehensively verified the activities and contacts of the four cases in the past 14 days. By 14:00 on January 10, a total of 1,056 close contacts and 1,240 secondary close contacts have been traced, and all of them have been under control as required.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, people in The city have taken the initiative to cooperate with the investigation and control, and take the initiative to do a good job of personal protection in public places and at home, forming a good atmosphere of mass prevention and control, which has strongly promoted the rapid and effective implementation of the epidemic prevention and control war in the city.We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the public for their support and cooperation.”Mr. Lim said.During the epidemic, how to coordinate epidemic prevention and control and guarantee medical services?Lin Hancheng said that the municipal Health commission urged all kinds of medical institutions can not refuse to accept patients with any excuse, for dialysis patients, radiotherapy and chemotherapy tumor patients, as well as pregnant women, newborns and other urgent medical care, the establishment of a 24-hour duty system, to ensure that medical treatment needs to be fully guaranteed.In order to ensure that the nucleic acid test reports of special patients such as pregnant and pregnant women can be found smoothly before they seek medical treatment, the Municipal Health Commission required medical institutions to take the following measures: All hospitals in the city should set up channels of “nucleic acid test for medical personnel” and “ordinary nucleic acid test” in nucleic acid test, and make conspicuous marks.Hospitals should take samples separately, put them on the computer separately, and upload them separately. It is forbidden to take tests on the computer together with ordinary nucleic acid testing personnel. All hospitals should do a good job of guidance, communication and explanation.During the epidemic, the diagnosis and treatment of dialysis patients cannot be stopped.According to Lin hancheng, Shenzhen has counted hemodialysis patients in the sealed and closed areas, arranged dialysis in single rooms or admitted to hospitals in the original medical institutions, and coordinated dialysis in other medical institutions to ensure the treatment of dialysis patients.The Municipal Health Commission required all medical institutions to establish an emergency treatment mechanism for patients with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, as well as pregnant women and newborns who were in urgent need of medical treatment, to do a good job of standardized protection, transport route design and elimination in the process of transport and reception, and to implement prevention and control measures for nosocomial infection, so as to ensure that the demand for medical treatment was fully guaranteed.On the morning of October 10, some citizens reported that “Yuekang Code” had abnormal access to the system for a short time due to the surge of traffic during the peak period. The system was effectively alleviated half an hour later after the province dealt with it immediately.During this period, the city launched an emergency treatment plan to guide citizens to use the “Deep I you” health code, which effectively played a role in traffic sharing and guaranteed citizens’ travel.Wang Yaowen, deputy director of the Municipal Government Service Data Administration Bureau, said that in order to ensure the informationization of large-scale nucleic acid testing during the epidemic, provincial, municipal and district government departments cooperated with health departments to set up special working teams, establish emergency working mechanisms, and carry out the informationization support and guarantee work in an all-round way.Municipal data bureaus will make every effort to ensure the stable operation of nucleic acid testing system and the normal operation of health code system.While fully ensuring the stable operation of “Yuekang code”, the “Sheni you” health code will be used in parallel in our city as the diversion and backup of “Yuekang code”, and expand the capacity to deal with the needs of large-scale sudden visits at any time.”At present, all prevention and control work in luohu District is progressing in an orderly manner, and the overall situation is stable.”Xia Dong, deputy head of Luohu District committee, said 1.05 million samples had been collected and tested as of 14 PM Sunday, with all negative results, and the clean-up work was expected to be completed by afternoon.In guiyuan, East Lake, Cuizhu and other key streets, the third round of testing is under way;A fourth round of testing has been carried out at Lin Tong Street.According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, Luohu District issued a circular to upgrade the management of social prevention and control measures. The purpose is to eliminate risks and hidden dangers as soon as possible by reducing the flow of people and conducting nucleic acid tests with high frequency and full coverage, and create a more favorable environment for the life and business of citizens and market entities.Gu Gengjun, member of the Standing Committee of Longgang District Committee and deputy head of Longgang District, introduced that the first round of large-scale nucleic acid testing in Longgang District has been completed.Since 18:00 on January 8, Longgang district has carried out the second round of nucleic acid testing in Buji, Jihua, Bantian and Nanwan streets, which has now entered the mop-up stage.In order to provide convenient and timely services to residents in key areas, Longgang District has integrated service forces, unblocked service channels and responded to residents’ demands 24 hours a day.Gu Gengjun said that Longgang district has cooperated with supermarkets to open a “green channel” for transportation and distribution, and launched the supermarket APP mini program in a timely manner, allowing residents to place orders online and have them delivered to their homes, fully meeting residents’ living needs.At present, daily necessities and commonly used medicines are well stocked.Shenzhen Evening News reporter Zhou Qian