13 sanitation workers become street stars: the “urban beautician” labor video in Leping, Jiangxi province appears on the street

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During the Spring Festival in The Year of the Tiger, people walking on the streets of Leping city, Jiangxi Province, were surprised to find many beautiful figures of sanitation workers at work on billboards advertising public welfare.City sanitation bureau chief introduction: “the display of sanitation workers have 13 people, a total of 320 posters, this is the first time in Jiangxi Province Leping city, reflects the government’s high attention to environmental health and sanitation workers on the front line of loving care, but also attracted the attention of many citizens.”The workers, from jinghuan Leping Branch of Jingdezhen, who made their debut in the city’s public service advertisement, are employed in various professional positions, from manual cleaners wielding a broom to drivers driving mechanized sanitation vehicles.There are both custodians who carefully maintain the sanitary environment of public toilets and station workers who are engaged in garbage transfer.They all have a common characteristic, is to work hard, not afraid of hardship, dedication, every day with industrious hands to care for the beautiful environment of the city, the company has repeatedly praised the advanced employees, known as the new era of “urban beautician”.At the bus stop on Dongfeng South Road, a large photograph of Lin Yinping, a 44-year-old sanitation worker, clutching a broom with her hands and concentrating on cleaning the ground caught the attention of people waiting for buses here every day.5 o ‘clock every morning, people are still immersed in sweet dreams, she has come to the post, in the yellow light, far can hear “shua Shua” sweeping the floor.She began by sweeping the sidewalks along the main road, and inch by inch, she swept the trash into small piles, which were collected in a single collection truck.”It only takes about two kilometers, but it takes about two hours.Leaves and paper on both sides of the road must be swept by 7 am.”Lin Yinping said.”Such as a good sweep of the first time, and then is along the road to pick up scattered garbage, including cigarette butts between bricks, plastic bags in the green belt, and so on, every corner of the ‘sieve’, to ensure that the ground clean and tidy.”Not far from a public toilet on the Tianhu section of the road, lu Hong, the custodian of a public toilet, is seen wiping water stains from a sink.”I didn’t expect to be plastered on billboards in the city like a star.Every time I see myself in a public service advertisement on the street, I feel proud.Cheng Guangyao, 26 years old, is also honored to be on the city’s public welfare advertising column.As a member of the post-1995 generation, he decided to work in sanitation three years ago. “Labor is the most beautiful, and there is no distinction in work. I would like to devote my youth to the cause of a beautiful environment.”This is his true confession, but also the motivation of ordinary work.Every day, he drives a sweeper on the road in Jiangwei community, carefully cleaning the dust on the ground, and with his hard sweat, the city is clean and beautiful.Yaumcha avenue, fu tai in downtown Minneapolis area doorway, HongYanNa road important sections, such as pieces of city public welfare advertisement, the beauty of the ring with the Beijing workers sweat labor scene, let “city beautician” became “star city”, immediately attracted the attention of the general public, a citizen Wang Rui lady see bus station billboards the sanitation workers big photos,”It’s very down-to-earth and meaningful. It reflects the warmth and warmth of the city.”Citizen Yu Xiaowen said: “usually really didn’t pay attention to the sanitation workers who work hard every day, through the public welfare advertising, let me further deepen the understanding of the sanitation workers, realized their silent pay, they make a contribution to the health environment of the city we live in, is a group of respectable people.”Labor is the most beautiful, dedication is more wonderful.Li Chunguo, head of the company and a national model worker, said:”We will put the government on the concern of sanitation, conscious action of the city into a high standard service, vigorously carry forward the” one would rather dirty, for nearly old model ShiChuanXiang spirit, with “national capital requirements, the capital standard for creating the national civilized city, build livable appropriate industry appropriate swim beautiful environment, continue to contribute good ring of Beijing people’s strength.”Statement: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com