After sucking blood from her daughter all her life, Anita Mui’s mother has no conscience now

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According to media reports, now 98 years old Anita Mui’s mother Qin Dollars, has been officially published in the newspaper issued a statement, in the statement, Qin Dollars announced that his son Mei Qiming break off the mother and son relationship.For this report, concerned about the entertainment circle of the netizens should not be too strange.As early as last December, Mei Qiming to the court against the film “Anita Mui” production company suspected of infringement, qin Dollars was very angry, she not only angrily rebuked his son obsessed with money, and released malicious words that his son if he has been persistent, will cut off the mother and son relationship.But having said that, at that time, many people in the outside world only regarded Mei Ma as a stiff mouth, and now she really broke off relations with her son, also a little surprising.The outside world was surprised, on the one hand, that the relationship between Mei’s mother and her son had been very friendly.On the other hand, mui ma still remembers what she did to her daughter Anita Mui, but now she turns against her son for the sake of her daughter, which is not consistent with her style.After sucking the blood of her daughter Anita Mui all her life, mui’s mother finally has a conscience.Anita Mui was born in 1964 to a poor family in Hong Kong. She was the youngest of four children, the first two brothers and one sister.Because of his father’s early death, plum mother qin Dollars has been raising these children alone.Before Anita Mui was born, the whole family relied on qin Dollars to operate the old “Jinxia” song and dance troupe to make a living, often eat the last meal did not have the next meal, hungry stage more habits.Therefore, not long after Anita Mui was born, Mui’s mother tried to send her to another family, but because of various factors, she finally ran aground.However, such an environment doomed Anita Mui to be spoiled. At the age of four and a half, Anita Mui was taken on stage by her mother, and then she and her sister performed in lai Yuen Amusement Park in Hong Kong.At that time, Hong Kong was gradually in line with international standards, but the social status of singers like Anita Mui was still relatively low.Therefore, For a long time, Anita Mui, who was studying while performing, was looked down upon in school and bullying was common.Such a situation lasted until 1976, when Anita Mui, who was in junior two, did not want to go to school any more, and mui’s mother, already under great financial pressure, naturally accepted her daughter’s wish and helped her to leave school.In this way, Anita Mui settled down to be a full-time actress in karaoke bars. In the middle of her career, she dated several boyfriends, but her mother cut her off before she even started.It was not until 1982 that Anita Mui was dragged by her sister Mei Ai-fong to participate in the “Hong Kong’s first Rookie Singing Contest”.At that time, Mui ai-fong just wanted to show her sister the world, but she failed. She was eliminated in the third round, but her sister Anita Mui finally won the first prize with her song Season of the Wind.After her debut, Anita Mui signed a contract with China Star Records and became a professional singer.In addition, Anita Mui did not forget to bring her sister into the entertainment industry, but later because of her sister’s poor career, she retired early.As for Anita Mui, she is totally opposite to her sister.As early as the first year of her debut, Anita Mui, along with Lin Li, Hu Weikang and Chiang Ching long, formed the Hong Kong “Little Tigers” and gained fame with the title song of her album “Heart Debt”.The following year, Anita Mui collaborated with “Hong Kong temple designer” Lau Pui Kee and released the classic album “Anita Mui Red”, which achieved platinum sales for more than five times.After that, Anita Mui’s performing career blossomed. From 1985 to 1986, Anita Mui held 15 solo concerts, breaking the record for the number of first solo performances by a Hong Kong singer.In addition, Anita Mui released her second album “Bad Girl” during the same period, which sold 400,000 copies (8 platinum) in the first week and reached a total of 720,000 copies, setting a new Hong Kong solo album sales record and winning the “IFPI Best Sales of the Year award” in the following year.After that, Anita Mui won the “Most Popular Female Singer award” of Hong Kong’s top ten hit songs for five consecutive years, becoming the most famous female singer in Hong Kong.From then on, Anita Mui entered the film industry as a singer and actress. First, she costarred with Miao Qiaowei in the only TV drama of her life, The Night of Flowers and Moon.She then focused entirely on the film industry, and won the Golden Horse Award, golden Dragon Award and the Asia Pacific Film Festival in 1988 for Rouge.It can be said that Anita Mui, who has reached the top of the Hong Kong entertainment circle, has the possibility to rush to the international arena in the future according to her brilliant performance experience.In 2003, three years after her sister Mei Ai-fong died of uterine cancer, Anita Mui died of lung failure caused by cervical cancer in Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital at the age of 40.After Anita Mui passed away, many famous stars in the entertainment industry, as well as dignitaries from all walks of life in Hong Kong came to bid farewell to her.Published an obituary for Anita Mui, which fully explains how big a loss Anita Mui’s passing is.Also after Anita Mui passed away, her will was made public. Among the 70 million yuan she left behind, 1.7 million yuan was given to the children of her second brother and sister.Two property gifts to friends liu Peiji, the rest of the monthly living expenses will be 70 thousand to mei Ma qin US dollars, until mei Ma one hundred years after the rest of the property donated to the Buddhist association.In fact, normal people can see that even though Anita Mui didn’t enjoy much love from her family, she still did her utmost kindness.In particular, 70,000 yuan a month for the mother’s living expenses, up to 840,000 yuan a year, how to calculate is not a large sum.But even so, Mui’s mother was not satisfied at all. She regarded Anita mui as a cash cow since she was a child, just like the real life version of Fan Sheng Mei. Even after Anita Mui died, she still drank her daughter’s blood.In 2004, less than a year after Anita Mui’s death, Anita Mui filed an appeal to the court. She asked the court to nullify the will in order to get all of Anita Mui’s estate.Although the will’s sake, the court has refuted mei Ma’s unreasonable requirements, but Mei Ma has refused to give up.Not only has she been filing frequent appeals for years, but she’s also been in court with thermos flasks, throwing her shoes at lawyers and screaming “we’re going to die together.”Seeing no way to appeal to the court, she simply ran with her son to pull banners on the street.While crying to the public that he has no money to spend, he also issued a notice to the media to claim the 7 months of living expenses owed.In 2011, Mui even announced that she would publish a book and expose her daughter Anita Mui’s privacy with her son to make money.Among them, it was Mui ma who took the initiative to expose the past experience of Andy Lau and Anita Mui. It was also mui who revealed that Anita Mui had given money to support Andy Lau and acted for him in the early years.Because Andy Lau did not respond to the incident, Mui’s mother and son publicly criticized Andy Lau, which completely humiliated Anita Mui.Later, seeing that the road was also blocked, Mei Ma began to change another route.In 2015, shortly after Anita Mui’s second brother died of throat cancer, Anita Mui’s mother suddenly auctioned off her daughter’s belongings, including various trophies, records, jewelry, watches and even Anita Mui’s personal belongings.Although through this auction, Mei ma got millions of rewards, but “vampire addiction” she, obviously will not give up so easily.As early as 2012, due to prolonged legal battles and the cost of raising her son and daughter-in-law, the extravagant Mei Ma had to sell her house to pay off debts, and eventually owed more than 2 million yuan in legal fees and declared bankruptcy.After the auction, Mui Ma went to the court to apply to the bankruptcy trustee to get back the monthly living expenses of HK $100,000. She also said that the monthly living expenses of HK $30,000 (excluding the rent) were so hard that she was scolded by the judge: “Millions of people in Hong Kong have worked hard on you?”But it is clear that the law will prevail, even if the judge does not show mercy.Until a few months later, when mei’s bankruptcy order expired, her monthly living expenses rose from 70,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan.A year later, Mei’s living expenses directly rose to 200,000 yuan a month, which amounted to 2.4 million Hong Kong dollars a year.But no one expected that in 2017, Mei Ma applied for bankruptcy again. She didn’t tell her how she spent the money, but she cried that she was poor and could only pick up leaves on the roadside to eat.No way, in mei Ma again and again unreasonable requirements, the court can only continue to give money according to the process.In 2019, she filed for bankruptcy again, along with asking the court to give her all of her daughter’s estate so she could celebrate her 95th birthday.Finally, after communication, we agreed to give her HK $250,000 for her 95th birthday party. At that time, there were more than a dozen tables and dozens of guests.As a matter of fact, any normal person can see that Mei Ma’s bankruptcy is false and her demand for money is true.However, even if the outside world knows what kind of person she is, she is still Anita Mui’s mother, no matter how ugly it is, it is her family affair, the outside world really can not intervene.Including this time, Mui’s mother, who has always been very close to her son, was suddenly dissatisfied with her son’s action of suing the cast of Anita Mui for money, and even broke off the relationship between mother and son.Such her, obviously with the appearance of the previous performance is completely inconsistent, after all, mother and son but have been looking for money from the court, after getting the money has also been half, spend it together.In this sense, Mei’s mother has either suddenly discovered her conscience when she reaches her age, or she is preparing to draw a line under her son in order to spend the money by herself.It is more likely that Mei ma is trying to win recognition from the outside world, which will make it easier to continue asking for money in the future.Of course, only Mei Ma knows best whether it is conscience or more conspiracy, but it is a little hard for us, as observers, to believe that it is the former after witnessing her actions for so many years.