After the breakthrough of Alpine skiing in China, Zhang Yangming frequently burst the northeast talk cool!I’m in better shape!

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China’s Zhang Yangming finished 33rd in the men’s super G slalom of alpine skiing at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games yesterday afternoon, clocking 1 minute 29.39 seconds.When the race ended, Zhang Yangming shouted with excitement. It was zhang’s first time, and also the first time for Chinese athletes in the Winter Olympics.13 competitors failed to finish because Zhang Yangming failed to finish in the men’s downhill competition held earlier.In the men’s super G, another Chinese, Xu Mingfu, failed to finish, while Zhang Yangming finished 33rd and Aleksandar Vucic of Serbia 34th in 1:29.45.Don’t underestimate the 33rd place, there are 47 competitors in this race, 34 finished the race, 13 failed to finish the race, which means a lot of European and American competitors did not have a result.In alpine racing events like super G, finishing is the threshold.So, no. 33 is not easy.A Chinese has completed the men’s super G slalom in alpine skiing for the first time at the Winter Olympics.Zhang Yangming from Jilin Province said bluntly: “Cool!Really good!”He failed to finish the men’s downhill race earlier, but Zhang said it did not affect him as he was getting better.When people listen to them, they will know that they are all “golden sentences” in the Northeast dialect.Zhang Yangming is in a good state of mind, he said: “MY state of mind is very calm, I did not think about what, can slide down is to show the style of Chinese people, there is no regret that I did not finish the race, did not slide down, we did not slide down, this is the characteristics of this project.”In men’s downhill competition, Zhang Yangming failed in a position, but there are many foreign players failed in the same place, not only himself.Alpine skiing is just starting to mention the difference between competition and speed racing, Zhang Yangming said: “Speed racing events, the speed is really too fast, Shouting, can not control, speed events need more practice, of course, no technical support.In the competition class, there are more turns, but the pace of skating is faster and more fluid.”Zhang yangming gave himself 40 points for not skating better in the super G.Many masters in Europe and the United States are speed racers, who have enjoyed alpine skiing since childhood and specialize in speed.”I also overcame a lot of difficulties. I used to have fears, especially when I broke my leg training for the speed events.Later, the state gave a lot of support, hired the best rehabilitation team, and within a short time, I was back to normal.Alpine skiing, speed events, we just started.”Zhang yangming said.This is zhang yangming’s second time to participate in the Winter Olympics, the first time in Pyeongchang 2018, Zhang Yangming said he felt very excited at that time, but this time is more excited, the mood is definitely different, it is held at our home Olympics.”I skated well in the super-G, but I still didn’t have the effect I wanted.”He said.Zhang yangming said he doesn’t have any psychological baggage because the Chinese team has already competed in all events.There are many more events, he will sum up, “I don’t pick any event, anything, looking forward to better myself, the performance of the training level.If you don’t play the level, that my action details are not in place, and foreign teachers always say that I should be how.Anyway, try not to disappoint.”Zhang Yangming said that the Chinese had completed the men’s super G slalom in alpine skiing for the first time in the Winter Olympic Games, and had already achieved the goal of participating in all events in the Winter Olympic Games. The future will be better and better, and the young athletes have great potential for development.Copyright notice: All rights reserved by Beijing News Group.