@ Auxiliary police of the Public Security Police “Winter Olympics Security mental Health Service self-help Manual” is coming!

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The auxiliary police of the public security police shoulder an important mission and heavy task in the security work of the Winter Olympics, which is an important support force to ensure the safe and smooth holding of the Winter Olympics.Auxiliary police of the civilian police faced with work pressure and psychological perplexity, hebei provincial public security political department in line with the service line, the principle of actual combat, compiled the “games security self-help manual” mental health services, with the simplicity of the text, to stress management, anxiety, coping, emotion regulation, job burnout and psychological counseling, parsing and prompt,We will help the auxiliary police to improve their psychological quality, strengthen their awareness of mental health, and establish a sunny attitude of self-respect, self-confidence, rationality, peace, and positivity, so as to better fulfill their duties and protect their safety.