I’m afraid tsai Ing-wen didn’t expect her retribution to come so quickly!”Taiwan independence” suddenly received a blunt warning

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Since the conflict began to Ukraine, western countries will join the sanctions against Russia, but in the southern hemisphere, Australia and Japan are involved in Asia, vociferously to sanctions against Russia, what is more difficult to understand, the Chinese Taiwan area leader tsai ing-wen has also joined the ranks ofAt the beginning, the Taiwan authorities tried to threaten Russia with their own resources, but now they have been turned against by Putin. Now the “Taiwan independence” elements have been vigorously reacted to, which is really self-humiliation.01 Taiwan authorities ceng heat between Russia and Ukraine war itself is the gaming between Russia and the United States, pro-american join sanctions against Russia Japan and Australia are not the exception, but the Taiwan authorities to curry favor with the United States, unexpectedly also overreached (join the so-called sanctions, the various media criticism is an open international popularity.Now the Taiwan authorities closely follow the footsteps of western countries, the other party to implement what sanctions the Taiwan authorities immediately followed, but did not expect this rubbing heat behavior directly angered Russia, so in the recent announcement of the Russian unfriendly list, China’s Taiwan region is also among them.After the publication of the list, a Russian spokesman said all countries and regions on the list would be banned from various activities, and a range of trade with Russia would be significantly affected.In fact, Taiwan authorities this wave of heat is not worth it, because the Russian side released the list behind the bottom line is that they hold important energy.Russia’s key resources include oil and wheat.About 20 percent of Taiwan’s fuel comes from Russia, and if Russia retaliates by banning exports to Taiwan, the island will have to find more expensive alternatives.02 affected the suffering can only be the people not only Chinese Taiwan area has a lot of fuel imported from Russia, and 10% of the natural gas is imported from Russia, assuming that the russians really implement counter, then Taiwan can oneself pay big money to find alternatives, and the extra costs will have to split by folks who,It seems that Taiwan authorities’ so-called sanctions against Russia have played a certain role, but in fact, they only let their own people share the high cost, and only the ordinary people in Taiwan will suffer from the disaster.In addition, the Taiwan authorities to TSMC threat to Russia, but they are the production of semiconductor has a necessity is from Russia, this necessity is neon, now a company in the Netherlands have declared neon dries up, so I am afraid, TSMC will appear problem, but I’m afraid they pride themselves on semiconductor production will also be restricted,You’re shooting yourself in the foot.Disclaimer: picture source network, if there is infringement please contact to inform part of the information reference source: Taiwan network