Study in Hong Kong

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Entry difficult question 1: domestic students entry distribution is also how?A 1: If the applicant’s application is approved, the outstanding Talents and Domestic Residents team will sign the approval mark to the relevant institution, and the institution will transfer the applicant.Students are required to obtain the “Travel Permit to Hong Kong and Macao” and the relevant visa from the entry and exit visa unit of the public security department in their place of residence.After inserting the permission label into the vacancy visa page of the “Exit-Entry Permit for Travel to and from Hong Kong and Macao”, you can enter Hong Kong with the valid document.Q2: Can I have the entry approval label affixed to my current Chinese passport?Answer 2: It is not appropriate to put the “entry approval” label on the Chinese passport or other valid holiday travel documents.The procedure in A 4 should be followed.Question 1: Under what circumstances should I apply for an extension of stay?A1: Extension applications can normally be submitted within four weeks of the expiry of the period of stay.You may deliver the application in person or authorise the client to submit the application by letter of authorization provided that you are in Hong Kong, China at the time of application and visa collection.Domestic students can submit their applications to the “Outstanding Talents and Domestic Community Section” at 6 / F, Immigration Management Building, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.Other trainees may apply for extension of time at the “Extended Detention Section” of the Immigration Office at 5 / F, Immigration Management Building, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, or at any of the Immigration Office System District Services offices (other than the Hong Kong Island Valid Travel Documents Processing Office).Q2: What documents do I have to submit to apply for an extension of the limit of stay to study the same subject again?A2: When applying, it is normal to submit: (I) a completed id 91 form;(ii) the applicant’s valid travel document;(iii) the applicant’s Hong Kong Identity card;And (iv) confirmation by the current institution that the student needs to increase the limit of stay for re-entry.Q3: How long does it normally take to settle an extension of stay application?A3: Like other extension of stay applications, the application will normally be processed in about two to three weeks after the department has collected the necessary supporting documents.Q4: What are the restrictions on applying for extension of stay in Hong Kong?A4: Extension of stay will normally be granted if you have successfully completed one full-time post-secondary course and wish to study in another advanced full-time locally recognised course.If you are unable to successfully complete a bachelor’s degree or sub-degree level course within the normal period of study, you will usually be granted an extension of stay of one year to facilitate further completion of the course.You may also apply for transfer to another full-time post-secondary programme before completion of the programme, provided that the total length of stay in Hong Kong cannot exceed five years after completion of the new programme.Question 1: Can I apply to transfer to another institution?A 1: School students will be granted additional stay criteria to study specific courses at specific institutions. Permission to change the current stay criteria must be obtained from the OcI.Transfer to another institution will normally be permitted if it is acceptable to enter Hong Kong for study.Upon approval of the application, the Immigration Administration will issue a fee standard label bearing the name of the new institution to the student.Q2: Can I apply to transfer to another course at the same institution?A2: You may be allowed to transfer to another course at the same institution subject to meeting the entry criteria.Once the application is approved, the Immigration Department will send an email to the trainees.Q3: When should institutions notify the Immigration Department of the closure of student status files?A3: Institutions should notify the OcI as soon as possible or within 7 days from the date of closure of student roll records.Q4: How to submit the notice of Cessation of Study?A4: For non-Domestic students, institutions can send or fax “Notice of Cessation of Study” to the Extension Section of Immigration and Immigration Office at 2586 1431.For domestic students, they can send or fax to “Outstanding Talents and Domestic Citizens Section” at 2119 0522.Q5: Can I stay in Hong Kong again if I have closed my school record halfway through?A5: You are required to leave Hong Kong, China within 4 weeks after the closure of your student status file. Failure to leave Hong Kong within the specified period constitutes a breach of stay criteria under the Immigration regulations.To learn more