Wuyue wit: Fan Zhongyan

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Since ancient times, jiangnan has many talented people, and look at the wu Yue talented people.Wu Yue land talented person and beautiful woman in succession: the fan Zhongyan of the first world worry and worry, the lu you that iron horse glacier falls into a dream, the Wang Shouren that ge Zhi knows……Generation after generation of sages from here, to their own haoyue, in the vast Sea of Chinese history left a thick and heavy color.Fan Zhongyan was a decent figure in history. After his death, he was posthumously named “Wenzheng” by the imperial court. He became the moral standard of later literati, and all scholars followed his example.Fan Zhongyan’s life was full of twists and turns, but it was such a rough life experience that made him a legend.When Fan Zhongyan was two years old, his father died of illness. His mother, Xie, took her young son with her and remarried a merchant named Zhu Shuo because the family was too poor to survive.At the age of 22, fan zhongyan heard his mother talk about old events before he realized his true origin. He felt very sad. From then on, he decided to study and become a famous student, so he packed his bags and left his mother and went to yingtianfu, the southern capital, to study.Several years of cold window, Fan Zhongyan “Chase six classics of the purpose”.In 1015, at the age of 27, Fan Zhongyan completed the first ideal of his life and began his career of serving the country wholeheartedly.After entering the official, he said in the poem “send hometown people” that “hometown people do not admire each other, teach son to read poetry book”, also a brushstroke of his hard study life.In fan Zhongyan’s official career, there are two things that have the greatest influence on the later generations, one is the royal edge, the other is the New Deal.In the first year of Kangding, Renzong of Song Dynasty (1040), the western Xia war resumed, Fan Zhongyan was ordered to know yongxing Army (now Xi ‘an city, Shaanxi Province) by tianzhangge to be prepared, and then moved to Longzhi, Shaanxi Jing Liyue to pacate his deputy, and knew Yanzhou (now Yan ‘an City, Shaanxi Province).Fan Zhongyan made a careful investigation and analysis, and believed that the defense was better than the attack. However, Song Renzong was eager for success and adopted the suggestion of taking the initiative. As a result, he lost troops in Haishuichuan and Dingchuanzhai world War II, and suffered great losses.Renzong decided to change and adopt fan Zhongyan’s policy.Qingli three years (1043) April, Song Renzong emergency transfer of Fan Zhongyan and Han Qi as shu Close deputy, soon promoted Fan Zhongyan as a magistrate, open tianzhangge, ordered to the current politics, to seek reform measures.Fan Zhongyan should be ordered to answer the hand in ten things, first pointed out that “to correct its end, must end its origin;If you want to clear its flow, you must clear its source. “He put forward ten reform measures such as” deigning the right in The Ming Dynasty, selecting officials, thickening farming and mulberry, and repairing military preparations “, which kicked off the “New Deal for Qingli”.Among these reforms, except for the three measures of increasing the farming and mulberry, repairing the armaments and reducing the corvee, the rest of them were all measures of reforming the local government, which was really a remedy for the internal and external difficulties of the Song Dynasty.But “choose the rulers” and “Ming” accompanied “lucky” suppression measures, such as influenced the vested interests of many officials, reform the various attacks, plus injong begin well but end badly, after the pursuit of the royal court, of stubborn resistance from conservatives, ten reforms implemented six died, only “qingli periods” New Deal “ended in failure.On September 15, the sixth year of the Qing Calendar (October 17, 1046), Fan Zhongyan offended prime Minister Lv Yijian because of the failure of the New Deal and was exiled to Dengzhou, Henan province.Here, he received a friend baling county magistrate Teng Zijing invited to write an article for the restoration of Yueyang Tower.Looking at the misty lake on the picture, thinking of the country suffering from internal troubles and foreign invasion, Fan Zhongyan began to write angrily, “Yueyang Tower” suddenly came out of the sky, “before the world worries and worries, after the world joy and joy”.Fan Zhongyan, as a consummate gentleman born in cloth, was not easy to conduct himself all his life.He is full of sincere, stubborn avenue, think “name can sunda road can not yield, huai can roll and section can not fall”, he vowed “set should pine and cypress heart without change, confident yunlong road is not lonely”.In the fourth year of emperor Renzong of the Song Dynasty (1052), 64-year-old Fan Zhongyan was suffering from an old illness. Feeling that his time was drawing near, he submitted the “Legacy List” to Emperor Renzong of the Song Dynasty, obsessed with the long-term development of the country and the rise and fall of the state.In the article, “things for a long time, then people tend to change” deeply worried, for their “failed, is commonly known as pedantic” deeply regret, as for the things after their own, but did not mention a word, showing his life to stick to the big loyalty and big section.Fan zhongyan was posthumously named Wen Zhenggong because of his excellent conduct and outstanding political ability, and because of his fairness, the posthumous title later became the most precious of courtier titles.Wen had a great talent in governing the country, and he was able to attack the Western Xia dynasty to invade the country and control water and border areas. He was also very compassionate to the people and devoted himself to the king, which was unprecedented.