Baofeng County Yangzhuang town: heart line feeling warm festival

2022-04-27 0 By

Henan economic news reporter zina correspondent the spirit of love Baofeng county of jun-wei shi on the first day of the Spring Festival, Yang Zhuang town party committee, deputy secretary, mayor candidate nomination jun-hong Yang visits condolences Yang Zhuang police station, epidemic prevention and control card points, on behalf of the town party committee, government, to be of a sincere appreciations to years of hard work, and to extend New Year wishes to them.Yang Junhong and his delegation talked with the staff of the police station and spoke highly of their efforts and sweat in the past year for the safety and health of the people of the town and the economic development. They also sent them New Year’s greetings and condolence goods and conveyed the care and greetings of the Party Committee and the government.At the epidemic prevention and control checkpoint in Liuguying Village, Yang Junhong and his delegation had a detailed knowledge of the epidemic prevention and control work and the working and living conditions of the personnel on duty in their respective areas. They expressed their high respect and gratitude to all of them for their dedication and dedication during the Spring Festival.Chen Kaipeng, party secretary of the village, said, “Only when ‘everyone’ is healthy and safe can the ‘little family’ be happily reunited.We absolutely obey the leadership, strictly carry out the work requirements of the Party and the government, and fulfill all tasks assigned by the Party and the government to the letter.”