Charging station encounter P7, talk about the big Man and P7 in my eyes

2022-04-27 0 By

It has been about half a year since Dahan got it. The car has been running well, and I am quite satisfied with the range, power and feelings in all aspects.I usually charge location is not fixed, most of the time are charging at home, sometimes in the company to garage, filling in or go out and play in a nearby station, filling this weekend to recharging encounter in a xiao peng P7, had a short chat with the owner, share some feeling, think about what is I had seriously considered a car,Take this opportunity to talk to you about the big guy and P7 in my eyes, and also talk about why I chose the big guy instead of P7.This is the first time I’ve encountered a P7 while charging, and the two cars seem to park together in harmony.When I was choosing a car, I only considered pure electric models of new energy, and did not consider fuel cars at all.My garage can be charged, and I still drive a long distance to and from work every day. From all aspects, pure electric models are most suitable for me.The appearance and interior of the two cars and so on I will not be more verbose, after all, aesthetic is a matter of opinion, everyone’s view can not achieve complete unity, or talk about other things.What I care about most is the range, which is also the most important point of pure electric cars.My car is a 20-type ultra-long range luxury model with a range of 605 kilometers, while for the same price you can buy the 480N version of the P7 with a range of only 480 kilometers. By comparison, the Range of the Big Han is 125 kilometers longer than that of the P7 on a full charge, which means that according to my personal daily driving pace,The Big Man only needs to be charged once a week, while the P7 needs to be charged every five days.Both cars are mid-size sedans, which are larger in length, width and height than the P7, giving them a more stocky look and better space.Also have to say byd DiLink car machine screen, compared with other models of intelligent screen, the screen one of the biggest advantage is able to rotate, switching between horizontal and vertical screen at any time, for a variety of third-party applications better compatibility, such as trill, weibo software obvious vertical screen looks more comfortable, more suitable it is other models do.Although the luxury model is low, but the whole series of Han standard with active security system, panoramic video, with NFC unlock keyless entry and co-pilot boss key and so on.In my opinion, P7 is also a good car, but only with comparison can the gap be revealed, by comparison, The Big Han is obviously a more worthwhile choice.