Focus on the construction of parking lot farmers market | City CPPCC member, Yunyan District CPPCC Party Secretary, chairman Zhang Hong: To build a smart community to improve the level of social governance

2022-04-27 0 By

Guiyang two sessions, on behalf of the committee focused on the construction of parking lots, farmers’ markets, crack the “two” problem, and actively put forward suggestions.In the community about build wisdom, ‘proposals to enhance the level of social governance of the CPPCC members, yunyan district committee of the party secretary, chairman aims — in recent years, through the integration of resources, guiyang barriers through data, set up information platform base, build the intelligence community, enhance the level of social governance and achieved some results.However, from the perspective of the current work, there are still four aspects of the lack of top-level design, monitoring equipment to be improved, “one center, one network, ten connected households” play not well, “more management, less service” and so on.It is suggested to combine the construction of smart community with “one circle, two rounds and three reforms”, start from the top-level design, make efforts in institutional guarantee, formulate guiding opinions on the construction of smart community, unify norms and standards, and let all districts (cities and counties) carry out the construction of smart platform according to the guiding opinions and actual conditions.By integrating advantage resources, every fifteen minutes life circle has an intelligence platform, providing personalized service, the two “one” situation into the network platform, residents by reflecting demand intelligence platform, platform by the received information, push the corresponding services to residents, or direct door-to-door service for the masses, so as to improve the level of public service of the streets (town),The residents will have a better sense of happiness, gain and security.(Guiyang Daily Rong media reporter Sun Weina) Editor: Li Huayin Coordination: Hu Jiahuan Editor: Liu Wenqiang