Henan Ruzhou epidemic containment strict business super love 50,000 cash 10 tons of supplies sent to the front line

2022-04-27 0 By

On the afternoon of February 2, three trucks carrying daily necessities from the Old City Supermarket in Ruzhou, Henan province, organized by the staff of the city’s Commerce Bureau, drove into the City’s First People’s Hospital, delivering 50,000 cash supplies and 10 tons of supplies to frontline medical workers to thank them for their hard work in fighting the epidemic.Volunteers are smiling as they carry supplies such as cabbage and zucchini to the nutrition restaurant.Since the epidemic prevention and control work began, all the cadres and staff of Ruzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce have cancelled their holidays and returned to work to further consolidate the responsibility of joint prevention and control and strengthen the prevention and control measures.Epidemic prevention and control in the industry of complete business ultra, necessaries of life in the city market monitoring, such as stabilizing price guarantee for the job at the same time, positive initiative to commerce and trade circulation enterprises, hope everyone to carry forward the “one party hard, p plus support” tradition of excellence, in the case of a power through donations, subscription, for winning the epidemic prevention and control in the whole city war compassion, contribution strength.After the initiative was issued, it quickly received strong support from the majority of trade circulation enterprises, such as The Old Town Life Supermarket, Jinbo Shopping Center, Oasis Square, Xingmei Supermarket, Dazhang Supermarket and other trade enterprises responded in a short period of 3 hours.A total of 50,000 yuan in donations, instant noodles, ham sausage, pure milk, fresh vegetables, 84 disinfectant, medical masks and other materials worth 70,000 yuan were collected.On the afternoon of the same day, under the unified organization of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the supplies were immediately sent to the first People’s Hospital of Ruzhou city, the centralized quarantine point in Runan, and the containment point in Guaili Community, Zhonglou Street.At present, business circulation enterprises offer love activities are still in the relay.The person in charge of Dzhang Supermarket said that since the epidemic prevention and control work began, party members and staff at all levels of all industries in the city have always been at the front line of the fight against the epidemic and made every effort to protect the safety of people in the city. We hope that these supplies can contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic, which is also our social responsibility.