Henan enterprise financing one key direct!21 banks are presenting products at the same time. See you online tomorrow

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(Reporter Pei Rongrong) At 9am on February 14th, the online normal banking and enterprise connection in Henan Province will usher in the third activity of the year. 21 enterprises in henan province will go online to promote preferred huiqi products and solve the financing puzzles of enterprises.The activity, with the theme of “Activating financial resources and Invigorating Enterprise Vitality”, was co-sponsored by Henan Provincial Financial Supervision And Administration bureau, Henan Provincial Big Data Administration Bureau and Henan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, and undertaken by Dahe Caicube.The activity still adopts the linkage mode of 1 main venue and 21 sub-venues.At that time, Five banks, including Bank of Communications Henan Branch, Industrial Bank Zhengzhou Branch, Guangfa Bank Zhengzhou Branch, Hengfeng Bank Zhengzhou Branch and Bohai Bank Zhengzhou Branch, will introduce advantages and features huiqi products live in the main venue of 5G Direct Broadcast room of Henan Big Data Administration Bureau.Explain in detail the access conditions, loan limit, loan term, loan interest rate, handling procedures and other key contents that enterprises are concerned about.In addition to the 5 banks broadcasting live in the main venue, 21 banks in Henan province will also hold online banking and enterprise docking at the same time in their respective banks, “screen to screen” dialogue with enterprises, answering questions immediately.Products recommended by Henan Branch of Bank of Communications for this period: Puhui E Loan, KEChuangdai, Tobacco Loan, Fast Mortgage Loan, government procurement contract financing, etc.Tax bank Link, Bank Dentong, Mortgage E loan Hengfeng Bank Zhengzhou Branch recommended products in this period: Good housing fast loan, Easy credit Loan Zhengzhou Branch of Bohai Bank recommended products in this period:Bohai industry, small micro enterprise loan to pledge loans, business loans icbc henan branch tencent meeting channel tencent meeting by henan branch of agricultural bank of bank of China henan branch channel construction bank henan branch meeting of tencent tencent meeting, henan branch of bank of communications channel post office bank of henan branch meeting of tencent tencent meeting citic bank, zhengzhou branch channel tencent meetingChina everbright bank, zhengzhou branch channel guangfa bank zhengzhou branch meeting of tencent tencent meeting Shanghai pudong development bank, zhengzhou branch channel tencent, China merchants bank, zhengzhou branch meeting tencent meeting tencent societe generale zhengzhou branch meeting channel tencent minsheng bank zhengzhou branch meeting huaxia bank, zhengzhou branch channel ping an bank, zhengzhou branch meeting of tencent tencent meeting of bohai sea bank of zhengzhouBranch channel hengfeng bank zhengzhou branch tencent tencent meeting meeting channel zheshang bank, zhengzhou branch meeting of tencent tencent meeting channel zhengzhou zhongyuan bank conference tencent tencent channel kaifeng bian city farming business bank channel coordinating editor: Shi Jian | audit: li zhen | director: jun-wei wan