Lebron James may decide 4.0!Volatile, the Lakers smell uneasy, nomad dynasty fans

2022-04-27 0 By

All eyes should be on All-Star weekend today, but lebron James’ interview has ignited NBA buzz.Lebron James spoke boldly about his future with the Lakers.”I’m open to coming back to Cleveland,” James said. “He thinks Garland and Allen and Love are great players.After the Cavaliers won the championship, He didn’t want to leave, but too many things happened in his life, so he had to go to a new place to challenge.””It’s only a matter of when, not if, James will leave the Lakers,” read the Los Angeles media.If James does go, the Cavs will be a reminder that the draft is overdrawn and the next few pieces will be broken by someone else.That’s one of the main criticisms of James, that he’s on a team that’s willing to spend its future on a lot of veterans to help him compete for a championship.If the team loses the title, he will leave a mess behind.With the Lakers seemingly out of the running for a title, it’s clear he’s open to returning to Cleveland.James, a cool-headed star, has taken the heat out of returning to Cleveland.Also preheating for possible decision 4.0!Most of the fans were not surprised, said: “James likes to nomadic dynasty, now leave the Lakers, is expected.”