Registration of sino-foreign joint ventures

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Registered company is an important work, it is recommended to find a professional company to operate, through the certificates and documents we receive, we ensure its authenticity, by China, Hong Kong, the United States professional lawyers check.Concept of Sino-foreign joint venture A sino-foreign joint venture is also called equity joint venture.It is by foreign companies, other economic organizations or individuals and Chinese companies or other economic organizations in China together funded enterprises.Its characteristic is that the parties to a joint venture contribute capital and operate together, and bear risks and profits and losses jointly according to their respective share of capital contribution.Although there is less and less demand from overseas investors to set up foreign enterprises through joint ventures, joint ventures are still necessary in some special industries.Registration process of Sino-Foreign joint venture 1, entrustment procedures fill in the entrustment letter (confirm the content) → submit the required materials → submit the payment → review the materials → make the request documents → sign the documents → submit the relevant government departments one by one to deal with → inform the process → about 30-50 working days → inform the customer to receive the materials → sign the receipt.2. Customer operation proceduresConfirmed on both sides of the investment main body (enterprise or individual) to the board of directors of the stakeholders in the choice or meeting minutes – on both sides of the joint venture agreement – foreign backers lawyer notarized and signature of the official institutions designated by the Chinese and overseas company bank credit certification – named – confirmation business scope to confirm the registered capital, the shareholders to appoint our company legal representative to confirm our office,Sign the lease contract (consider fire protection, environmental protection factors, if necessary) → entrust processing → remit the capital contribution from the name of the investor to the capital account (indicate the capital contribution) → capital verification (if necessary) → review after processing (if necessary).3, the government processing process to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of approval (reserved trade name/name approval) → environmental protection, fire protection approval (production) → special industry pre-approval (if necessary,Such as environmental protection and to the bureau to deal with international trade and industry datuk seri rafidah aziz investment approval – city to deal with the foreign investment approval to handle certificate to industrial and commercial bureau, to the public security bureau designated agencies engraved seal – to the bureau of quality and technical supervision for enterprise organization code certificate to to tax bureau to deal with countries, local tax registration certificate, to the administration of foreign exchange dealing with foreign exchange registration certificate/capital account opening license to open capital account to the bank, to the bank to openBasic account (non-basic account shall be handled by itself, including general deposit account, temporary deposit account and special deposit account → import and export registration certificate shall be handled by the customs (if necessary).(1) The original copy of the minutes or decisions of the board of directors of the foreign company;(2) Copy of certificate of overseas company;(3) Two originals of the bank credit certificate issued by the bank of the overseas company (indicating the credit status of the investor, which should be issued within 6 months), which should be translated into Chinese;(4) The documents of the overseas company notarized by the lawyer in two originals.(The complete set of materials of the overseas company shall be submitted to the institutions recognized by the Ministry of Justice of China for certification. If the overseas company is an overseas company, it shall also provide the local embassy of China for signature.) (5) The company seal of the overseas company (reserved for affixing requested materials) (6) If the company has been established more than one year,2. Materials required by the Chinese company. (1) The original minutes or decisions of the board of directors of the Chinese company;(2) Copy of Business license of The Chinese enterprise with official seal, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate and capital verification statement;(3) Company seal of The Chinese company (for reserve, for affixing requested materials);(4) Copies of the audit statement of the previous year of the Chinese company; materials to be supplied by both sides of the joint venture (1) Joint venture Agreement of both sides;(2) Confirm the name of the joint venture company;(3) Confirm the registered capital and business scope of the joint venture company;(4) Feasibility statement of the joint venture company;(5) Articles of association;(6) The original and photocopy of the identity certificate of the legal representative of China and 2 one-inch color photos;(7) The board of directors shall provide the name list of all directors and copies of their id cards (original copies shall be reserved);(8) the house rental contract 3 originals, 3 copies of the property certificate (the company needs to seal, the individual needs to sign);Note: Lease contract requirements: lease in the name of one of the shareholders or the legal representative of the joint venture company;More than 30 square meters;The lease term is more than one year;For commercial use;The contract must be registered with the Leasing office.The Law on Foreign-funded Enterprises requires foreign investors to contribute no less than 25% of the registered capital of a joint venture, and there is no upper limit for foreign investors.Establish a sino-foreign joint venture advantage 1, resource sharing, complementary advantages, make full use of Chinese enterprises in the network and has now established a well-known brand, smoothly into the China market 2, joint ventures can make foreign stakeholders in China the geographical advantage of the enterprise, reduce the financial expenditure reasonable, legal and greatly reduce operating costs 3, enjoying the preferential foreign backers