The Chinese and American headmistress of Zhanjiang city sent her best wishes for the Year of the Tiger

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Taurus shake tail out of the old year, fu Hu head to expand the new course.In 2021, the teachers and students of Suixi County No. 1 Middle School in Zhanjiang city worked together to forge ahead and achieved fruitful results.Let’s enjoy beauty principal Zou Chan’s blessing for the year of the Tiger, please like the message.At this happy moment of bidding farewell to the old year and ushering in the new, I, on behalf of the university, would like to pay high tribute to the hard-working staff and their families with sincere heart and warm feeling.To all the students and parents to express sincere greetings and New Year’s greetings!I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and best wishes to friends from all walks of life who care and support the development of our school.I wish you all a happy year of the Tiger!In 2021, the power of faith will keep us moving forward.To this generation, history has taught us that we need not be afraid of the immensity of our tasks when our big plans are big;Opportunity is hard to meet, struggle when I do not wait, can not wait;The journey is long, god helps those who help themselves, no luck!As teachers, we should keep in mind the original aspiration of teaching and educating people, and keep in mind the mission of cultivating people through virtue.In 2021, the grand blueprint is written with the pen of progress.Our school is in line with the education of “khalid ents, teaching” principle and “in a way, to learn to become virtuous” ideas of running school, the entire school teachers and students to “strives for realism the heavy, diligence diligence” as the motto, to form a “thick DE probity, chong DE enterprising” spirit, “learn body is high, hong tao good metaphors, MSS,” blog post about the ritual, to practice “style of study.The school has actively changed its thinking and taken innovative measures to realize the great transformation of school-running ideology, the great optimization of educational concept, the great construction of educational practice, the great improvement of professional skills, the great reform of teaching methods, the great prosperity of campus culture and the great development of quality-oriented education, which has promoted the connotation development of the school and made great efforts to do a good job in the education of people’s satisfaction.In 2021, the campus appeared a tenacious struggle, selfless dedication of the figure is moving.Our dear teachers, preaching, spreading all the way, win the fragrance of peach and plum competition;Our lovely students shed their wisdom, seek knowledge and explore, fly their youth dreams, gain confidence and happiness!We are touched by the teachers who work in the front line of education and teaching. You set an example by virtue and educate people with knowledge. You have made solid progress in the implementation of “guaranteed output to households” and “time-limited testing”.We moved, teachers in charge of the morning and night, we heard the sound of books “passionate morning reading”, saw the high-spirited “running”, felt the “theme class meeting”, this series of efforts and pay are laying a foundation for students’ lifelong development;We are touched by the support staff, whether day or night, where there is a need, you will be busy.In 2021, the luscious fruit is the best reward for teachers.Chunhua qiushu, years liujin;No pains, no gains.In 2021, our school will make great achievements in college entrance examination and high school entrance examination.Achievement promotion miracle, excellent undergraduate double exceed the standard.In 2021, six of our teachers won the first prize and five won the second prize in the third Zhanjiang Young Teachers’ Skills Competition.In 2021, Zouchan provincial famous principal’s studio, Zhuanglixun city famous head teacher’s studio, Li Haiyan City famous teacher’s studio were approved, giving full play to the demonstration leading role.In 2021, the faculty of the university published 40 papers in journals above the provincial level, and set up 15 provincial and county subject projects, which promoted the teaching and research reform of the university and promoted the professional growth of teachers.In the past, we have written a beautiful chapter and made outstanding achievements with unremitting efforts. Now, we will continue to work hard to write a new chapter for the future and create a new brilliant future.Tiger Fu mountain to listen to the wind howling, long lying shoal tide;100 hui containing The Sun and the moon, peaches and plums in full bloom compete fangfei.Teachers, students, looking back years trace, we are filled with regrets, looking forward to the future, we have a hundred times confidence.”A new concept, wen Tao urge spring, brave to open tiger step books;One hundred years of colorful party flag, teaching and research strong school, like to see the university continued dragon chapter “, I would like to work with you, raise the sails of innovation, wisdom of the paddle, facing the spring breeze and sunrise, united as one, sail!Wish you all a happy New Year, a happy family and a prosperous Year of the Tiger!Suixi No. 1 Middle School Principal: Zou Chan