“This is a demonstration of the worst kind,” Chiang replied.

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According to Taiwan’s China News network on March 15, the head of the administrative department of the Taiwan authorities Su Tseng-chang and the KUOMINTANG (KMT) public opinion representative Jiang Wan-an last week due to power outage issues, triggering the KMT party asked Su tseng-chang not to counter questioning.Su remained defiant on March 15, saying that the “legislative body” answers are so-called rules, “I strictly abide by the relevant procedures.We don’t want to show off unless we can.When a monkey climbs high, its red butt is seen.This caused netizens to comment, many people criticized Su Zhenchang “blackout can be so straight and strong choke people” “said more and more only show that is narrow, low pattern” “do not solve the problem, will only fight a war of words” “administrative officer is so big…The level is so.According to Taiwan’s Liberty Times website, Jiang Wan ‘an said in an interview that Su’s abuse, Shouting, venting, and even personal attacks, “this is the worst example.””We are all concerned about energy and power cuts,” jiang said. “Energy is not partisan.”But Su lives in a parallel universe, saying he will spend 100 billion yuan to update the grid, but dodging the question.Mr. Chiang is considered one of the KMT’s candidates for mayor of Taipei.Jiang wan ‘an said that compared with other cities, Taipei has remained unchanged for more than 20 years, with an old city appearance and unfriendly life for young people.He will introduce relevant policies to attract young people’s opinions.