Who is the most wronged scientist in history?

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I think the crowd might come and yell “Tesla!”But they would be wrong.I mean, nikola Tesla certainly lost the chance to get very rich, but that’s not what science is about anyway, and there are more important things than losing the chance to get rich.I can tell you about this young man: Evariste Galois was a truly gifted mathematician who had already made various contributions to science at the age of 20.Galois theory?Is that some kind of word I don’t understand?So, this guy also happens to be a great politician.I mean he was a young liberal in France in the first half of the 19th century?Do you know what that means?France had more wheels than a racing car at top speed.Yeah, it’s bad that scientists like Tesla aren’t as rich as they should be, but this guy was persecuted and spent some time in jail fighting for his rights and against the king.Electricity for everyone?What about the rights of all people?The Young French Revolution in 1830 expelled him from the university and led him to chains.As if all that wasn’t enough, he got into trouble with a lady.As he described in his letter: I will die in a duel for some coquettish.Why is that?For she would invite me to avenge her reputation, which had been disfigured by others.You know what I lack, my friend?I can only confide to you: this is the person I can only love and love in spirit.I lost my father. There’s no one to replace him. Do you hear me?It seems normal for a 20-year-old today, but it has escalated considerably.When he gets out of prison, he gets caught in a duel over the Stefanie-Felicia Porterindu Motel.The whole thing was supposedly staged by the police and royalists to get rid of him.In any case, he does not finish his mathematical papers because the famous scientist Cauchy asks him to combine them so that he will apply for a grand prize and fight a duel with the combined papers.His opponent may have been an artilleryman, but he was definitely better than his gun.He was shot in the stomach and died the next day.His papers were reviewed after his death and included notable contributions to science.I think it’s a sad story of a young promising scientist who doesn’t even have a chance.