Dual-core 43 + 18 + 8!Booker, clippers, Paul league record, SUNS $120 million

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The SUNS beat the Clippers 103-96 at home in a game that ended today.The SUNS lead the league and have pulled away from all the teams.I have to say from the SUNS you see the best of the rockets in ’18, Paul’s control and defense.Make the SUNS a consistent team that rarely turns a lead, and even when it’s down, they come back with consistency and toughness.That’s Paul’s influence. He didn’t even make the playoffs before he joined phoenix, and he ended up in the FINALS in his first year.The same is true in Oklahoma City, where Paul single-handedly carried a rebuilding team into the playoffs, surpassing westbrook’s three-year run in one year.The Thunder tanked immediately after Paul left.The numbers speak for themselves, and Paul was the best clutch shooting team in the league when he was in Oklahoma City.Over the past two seasons, the SUNS have been the best clutch shooting team in the league.According to StatMuse, the SUNS have come within five points in the final five minutes of 26 games this season, and the SUNS are 23-3.Any time you don’t win by more than 10 points against phoenix in the last 5 minutes, it’s a game changer.Today’s game is the same, the Clippers offensive strong.The SUNS led 13-5 at the start of the first quarter, but booker scored consecutive baskets to cut the deficit to 22-26.In the second quarter, the SUNS were all soldiers, and a crazy wave from the bench equalized the difference.Paul joined Ayton and Booker in scoring mode, backed by Bridges, gave the SUNS a 53-47 halftime lead.Bridges exploded in the second half, and Booker made back-to-back 3-pointers as the SUNS led by as many as 13.After a little slack, the Clippers got covington and Coffey to close out the third quarter with 11 points.The Clippers fought back in the final quarter as Covington and Kennard Harten combined for 10 points to pull the team within one.At the sun’s most dangerous moment, they turned on the key pattern.Chris Paul hit a 3-pointer, Ayton and Booker scored, and the clippers were up to seven.The fate of Tyronn Lue didn’t help the Clippers.Cuttino Mobley had 23 points, Batum had 18, seven rebounds and three shots, Reggie had 14, Zubaz 12 and Kennard 11 for the Clippers.Booker and Chris Paul combined for 43+18+8 for the SUNS, booker with 26 points, Paul with 17 points, five rebounds and 14 assists, Bridges with 19 points and Ayton with 12 points and 12 rebounds.I have to say that Paul’s performance surprised the rockets. Paul was ridiculed by the rockets in ’19, the owner called him the worst contract, harden kicked Paul out of the first four rounds for his second brother Westbrook.It turned out that the trade was punched in the face by Cp3 and the rockets were bleeding.A year after the trade, Paul had a second chance with the Thunder, and Westbrook was in trouble with the Rockets.Harden eventually left the team to join the Nets, and now the Nets trade him to the Philadelphia 76ers.Harden went from rocket to hobo.Paul, on the other hand, led the SUNS to the best record in the league in assists per game.Paul jumped out of the final year of his contract last season and signed a four-year Max deal with the SUNS for $120 million, making $30 million a year a bargain.It’s fair to say that In the process of being abandoned, Paul is slowly becoming a pg god in his own right.Harden made all the wrong choices. He was at odds with his teammates everywhere.Had Harden not traded Paul and continued to work together, the rockets could have even won a championship during the two years the Warriors were silent.Are Harden and Embiid in trouble for the future now in Philly?It’s really hard to say at this point, the partnership has had a sweet patch, but it didn’t go well at one point, and Harden’s frustration with the situation is very likely to happen again.