Force beat the Japanese star!The 35-year-old Dutchman broke the Olympic record to win his sixth gold medal

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Winter Olympic Games women’s 1500 m speed skating plays in China has realized the full participating in this project, han mei, o, o na, tak, monica, on behalf of the Chinese national team in the Olympics, han mei will participate in multiple projects, they will have stormed to the medal, the Japanese contestant azusa MeiFan is win of the season, the 2018 Olympic Games in pyeongchang,She finished second in the women’s 1,500-meter speed skating event. She finished first in each of her three World Cup races this season. The Olympic record in this event is 1:53.51 held by The Dutchman Termus.There were a total of 30 competitors in 15 groups, with China’s Ahenar Adak in group 6, Yin Qi in Group 9 and Han Mei in group 10.In the first group, Huang Yu-ting of Chinese Taipei took the lead in crossing the line in 2:00.78. In the second group, The first person to cross the line was Tace of Belgium, with a time of 2:03. In the third group, Ulrich of Germany was the first person to cross the line in 2:00.20.The fourth group of belarus contestant, she 1 minute 58 second 41 # 1, Russia’s Mr. Hull subfamily Eva 1 minute 58 second 59 seconds, with five games, the player kiehl’s 11 first line 1 minute 59 seconds, group game 6, o her appearance, she 1 minutes 58 seconds 59 group 2 finish, she broke into the 59 seconds mark 1 minute, the seventh group,Russia’s Anastasia Larenkova was the first to cross the line in 1:55.74, which was a direct lead over other competitors. In group 8, The Czech republic’s Anastasia Zderaharova and Poland’s Maria Czeronka were in a close race, both with a time of over 1:59.9 group, China’s monica, Dutch player’s ward in 1 m 97 s 54 team first, monica is 1 minute 57 seconds, 10 group, China’s han mei, her grades is 1 minutes and 56 seconds 08, azusa dish that is 1 minutes and 55 seconds 34, China finished three players are, for the last five group, 11 groups, DE jong h 1 m 82 s 54,Groups of 12, the Dutch star diego 1 28 minutes 53 seconds, she set a new Olympic record, 13 groups, sato ghatpot is 1 m 92 s 54, 14 groups, Norway’s vic lund first line 1 minutes and 55 seconds 81, the final group, azusa MeiFan 1 minutes 53 seconds 72, finally won the Dutch veteran west to broke the Olympic record,Winning her sixth Olympic gold medal, Mifan Takagi once again lost out to West in the Olympics, taking the silver.