T1 has one down and two down for DK!Sixth straight win of the season!Lock LCK top spot!

2022-04-28 0 By

League of Legends 2022LCK spring game is in full swing, at the end of this year ushered in a focus of the war, is also LCK division of the strong showdown, from T1 versus DK, this game is also known as LCK electronic competition spring night.Battle between two teams, because have met Showmaker veteran Faker, also known as the competition are two dynasty, and in recent history, including Xu Xiu has to replace li3 ge signs, but now team player after rotation, DK is not that create a dynasty DK last year, and the dawn of T1 squad is getting better and better!In this BO3 game, T1 finally completed the one-two match in the first set, successfully defeated the opponent, winning the sixth consecutive game of the season, firmly locked the top of LCK!Although most people are more optimistic about T1 can easily win, after all, T1 now this state is really too good, especially under the road combination is the current LCK division TOP1, in contrast, DK side of the overall state has been up and down, like the TES before, is completely with personal strength to play the game!In the BO3 decider, DK had a huge advantage early on, especially with Uncle Sam stealing a red buff from the Oner and taking a hit that directly pinned the T1 engine.At the same time DK in the single Showmaker lit crocodile seized the opportunity to calculate good damage, completed the single kill of Faker, single is also complete single kill, DK directly in the early won the dream start!But this situation has been maintained until the DK took the dragon after the promotion, because the promotion is too top, let T1 caught the opportunity to destroy the DK, at the same time in advance in the dragon place control!And in Dalong played 2 for 5, the last wave won the game, it has to say that T1 in the late seize opportunities and team cooperation is much better, especially around the push down!Even though Faker was singled out, he won the MVP with his subsequent backline coverage.Congratulations to T1 for winning 6 games in a row, look forward to their wonderful performance in the future!