The Covenant of Love, by Will Stanton

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When Maggie and I got married, money was tight. Not to mention buying a car and a house, I bought Maggie’s wedding ring on instalments.Nowadays, however, it is quite different. People not only get married with ostentation, but also hire marriage counselors and sign contracts.I heard some schools even offer marriage guidance classes!I wish Maggie and I had been taught the same thing.It’s not that our life as husband and wife isn’t harmonious.No, not at all.You know, we had one thing in common before we were married — Maggie and I didn’t like pancakes.See, this isn’t meant for each other, okay?But that is the basis of our union.I thought a contract might set our family life on the right track.So I decided to talk to Maggie.’Maggie,’ I said, ‘marriage is very important in one’s life.But when we got married…””What are you talking about?She started and dropped the object from her hand.”Look, the banana skins are all on the floor.”I digressed. “The garbage cans are full.If you had gone in time, this wouldn’t have happened.””Four kids, ten rooms, and all you care about is banana peels.”‘she said angrily.I reached into my pocket and pulled out a handbook called The Marriage Guide. “I bought this at the drugstore.”Before I could finish, Maggie picked up the garbage can and walked out angrily.It doesn’t matter. Marriage has taught me patience. Patience is success.When she returned to the house, I continued, “Here is a sample of a couple’s contract, signed by a couple named Morrison and Rosa, and it applies to any couple.”Maggie was clearly interested in the subject. “Go on.””She urged.I opened the book and read, “First, analyze each couple’s past life — any genetic disease or mental illness, drug addiction or criminal history, any…””Stop. I don’t want to hear any more.””Only a fool would marry such a man,” she said disappointedly.”Of course,” I explained, “this is not to say that Morison and Rosa had any such thing.But it’s always better to know about your lover’s past than not know about it.That way, you won’t feel helpless if something embarrassing happens after the honeymoon.””It’s too late for us.””How can it be too late?Everything can start from scratch.If we could just sign a contract now…””Sign what?”Maggie asked, surprised.”Sign a deed — a covenant.”I deliberately prolonged the pitch.”Why?”Maggie asked quizzically.”Because contracts have an irresistible binding force.In addition, it can reasonably distribute responsibilities and power among us.”I paused and suggested, “Let’s sign a contract, too!For example, in one year you decide where to spend your vacation, and in two years I decide.””If it were my turn, and we were short of money, wouldn’t we have to stay at home?”She asked.”Yes, but that is only a special case.””I said.” Besides, contracts are not set in stone, so we can use our discretion.””What good is a contract if it can be changed at will?”Maggie retorted.”That makes sense.”I said, “I can’t believe you know the basics.””If you had known all this, you would not have proposed any contract.””You know, women often like to talk about equality and freedom.A contract would settle that at least.”I pleaded.”You don’t understand, dear,” maggie said passionately, looking me in the face. “Equality doesn’t matter to women. It matters whether a man is worthy of their love.When a woman truly loves a man, she will do anything to please him.It is not the damned contract, but of her own accord.”Then he turned and went into the kitchen next door.I didn’t expect Maggie to know so much.I finally gave up.”Want some coffee?Honey, I’ve just made a pot.”Maggie asked tenderly, half leaning out.”Coffee?That’s great.”I turned around and saw her chewing on something. “What are you eating?””Fried pancakes, want to try?”‘she asked, smiling.Oh my God!Maggie and I have lived together for 17 years. Doesn’t she know I hate burritos?She herself would throw up every time she saw a fried pancake. What was that all about?I went into the kitchen.”Maggie, do you like pancakes?””I asked, puzzled.”Yeah, why?”She blinked mysteriously.”I remember on our first date, I ordered you a cup of coffee and asked if you wanted pancakes. You said no, you didn’t like them.””Yes, you remember.””But you only had fifty cents in your pocket then, and you borrowed it from someone else.””But fried pancakes only cost a dime!””Don’t beat yourself up, and you’ll lose your fare home.”She burst out laughing.Now I’m speechless.”Ah –” I gave a long, embarrassed sigh.Then Maggie quipped: “Morrison and Rosa’s contract may be a dead letter.We may have a lot of problems later in life, because Rosa certainly didn’t think about money for Morrison to get home.””She paused.” Contracts of love are not signed on paper. They can only be realized with the understanding and consideration of the lovers.”Then it dawned on me.Maggie was such a good wife, who could have known and cared for me as she did in my first love!I sat down beside her and devoured the hot greasy pancake, and hey, it was delicious!After a while, I took two pancakes out of my bag — I had bought them this morning without Maggie knowing — and handed her one, saying, “I never used to eat pancakes, but I can learn from scratch!”