The situation is stirring up again!Reconstruction was imminent, and trillions of lithium mines were given away to other countries

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For a long time, there was widespread concern about the situation in Afghanistan, and the news of the WITHDRAWAL of American troops turned the attention to Afghanistan.When the Taliban took over, they were eager to engage with other countries, both to stabilize their own regime and for the new government to be accepted and recognized internationally as soon as possible.The Taliban’s attitude toward Korea is also very friendly, but it is not clear whether the Taliban’s apparent friendship with other countries has other intentions.But the discovery of a super lithium mine has revealed the Taliban’s true colours.The Taliban directly handed over trillions of dollars worth of discovered lithium to South Korea. Why did the Taliban do that?When the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, the first thing they did was rebuild Afghanistan.Afghanistan itself is rich in minerals, and the lithium deposits found here could play an important role in the industrial process.Around the world, industrial growth is a sign of enduring prosperity. The boom in lithium-ion batteries means more raw materials are needed in many industries.In our life, new energy vehicles, mobile phones and so on all need lithium batteries.In addition, the world is also facing a huge change in emerging energy, China is no exception, has been unremitting in the road of new energy transformation.Electric energy as a clean energy has begun to slowly replace the position of petrochemical energy, and lithium ore is the most core resource, the development of lithium ore also promotes the whole society towards new energy process.Afghanistan can completely relies on the abundant mineral resources to earn a lot of foreign exchange, besides, with the development of new energy, lithium mineral prices and soaring again and again, the taliban is also very beneficial, but Afghanistan’s own lack of experienced mining conditions, in the outside world see Afghanistan has sincerity about China, Afghanistan chose South Korea.According to media reports, Taliban officials say much of the country’s infrastructure has been destroyed and industrial development is at a standstill, and they want international help.Although Korea has made great achievements in semiconductors, it is difficult for Korea to develop such a huge mining project.The Taliban is trying to curry favor with the U.S. rather than South Korea.The United States has also been keeping South Korea’s diplomacy and military in check. If the United States agrees to such a lucrative business, South Korea naturally has nothing to say. This means that the Taliban has established a certain connection with the United States to some extent, which shows that the Taliban also has its own small agenda.But America, too, is beset by internal and external problems, and the Taliban’s calculations are unlikely to succeed.