“World Winter Olympics: Ice and Snow in China” China ice and snow tourism exhibition was held in Cairo, Egypt

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Cairo, February 3 (People’s Daily Online) as an important part of the 2022 Cairo Chinese Cultural Center’s “Welcome the Winter Olympics and Celebrate the Spring Festival” series of cultural activities,Cairo, Egypt, Feb. 3 (Chinamet) — The World Winter Olympics — China Snow and Ice tourism exhibition opened in Cairo, Egypt, on Feb. 3.The event includes two parts: ice and snow photography exhibition and winter Olympics video exhibition.Among them, 100 photos of snow and ice in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning are displayed in the exhibition, showing the characteristics of snow and ice culture, snow and ice sports and snow and ice tourism in northern China in an all-round and multi-angle way.The video exhibition of the Winter Olympics mainly introduces the venues and venues of the Winter Olympics in Beijing and Hebei, people’s ice and snow sports, ice and snow tourism resources, as well as China’s full preparation for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.Muhammad nagin museum curator MuNa mustafa, a lady in the opening ceremony, said the snow and ice exhibition and the games are video screening system nagin museum and the Chinese culture center in Cairo cooperation for the first time in the video, China is rich in beauty of ice and snow tourism resources and China to welcome the 2022 Beijing Olympics will do well prepared to Egypt audience leave a good impression,It is hoped that the museum can cooperate with the Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo to hold various cultural exchange activities in the future.Mr. Shao Bin, deputy Director of The Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo, on behalf of the Center and Mr. Yang Ronghao, Cultural Counselor and Director of the Center of the Chinese Embassy in Egypt, congratulated the opening of the event and thanked the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and the Nagin Museum for their strong support and warm cooperation.As the first city in history to host both summer and Winter Olympic Games, Beijing is opening its arms to welcome the world’s ice athletes and friends from all over the world, he said.Since the Beijing games are always have strong support from the Egyptian government and the society from all walks of life, ceci President will visit China and will attend the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, fully shows the two countries “friends and brothers” comprehensive strategic partnership, highlights the two peoples in the deep feeling thick righteousness and fruitful results of cultural and sports exchanges and cooperation between the two countries.The cooperation between China and Egypt to hold this event once again reflects the warm welcome and best wishes of the Egyptian cultural and tourism circles for the Beijing Winter Olympics.It is reported that the exhibition will last until February 9, attracting many local audiences to pay attention to the Winter Olympics, pay attention to the Chinese Spring Festival, learn about China’s ice and snow tourism resources.