According to the tea!Is wealth!Or it could be self-inflicted

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Tea boss biggest problem: a lot of tea, lack of cash flow.However, some tea owners around the idea is: get some cash to continue to stockpile tea.Hear here, can’t help but suck a cold air: store tea, reasonable store is a good thing, but really shouldn’t blind.Tea, sell out is wealth.I can’t sell it. It’s just a bunch of dry, drinkable grass!In the tea industry, there are a group of passionate, wealthy and leisure enthusiasts who spend a lot of money to stock up on tea.Hoard tea, just for your own taste.Even if someone wants to buy, they may not be willing to sell.But such a person, after all, is a minority, it is not an exaggeration to say that one in ten thousand.Most ordinary people, although they have feelings of tea hiding, but a monthly income of 6/7 thousand yuan, to support the family, in addition to the burden of life, buy tea, still need to choose right and left to compare the price.If you want to hide tea, your income cannot support the high cost.But there are still some tea owners who like to store tea very much. They love tea so much that they have no scruples about hoarding tea.The other day, a tea owner said, “If we stock up on turnips in the next two years, the price will go up.”Wanted to borrow some money to stock up on tea.He has been making tea for more than ten years and has accumulated 30 tons of tea. Even if 10 tons are unconverted tea and the remaining 20 tons are sold, it will be enough.To the new tea, how many orders do how many tea, every spring tea to do more active hoarding, not on the line?But the reply was: if you don’t stock up on tea, you won’t have a market.If you don’t store tea now, there will be no tea to sell.Hearing this, I was more puzzled: a few years ago, I hoarded a lot of tea, but the market was still small.A lot of tea remains in the warehouse.With a pile of paper wealth, companies operate by robbing Peter to pay Paul.Under such circumstances, they still want to stock up on tea, even borrowing money to stock up on tea.This……Tea stuff, it’s hard to store it and sell it.Especially at the moment of overcapacity, everyone is selling tea, but only a few are selling well.Market encounter a bit of wind, tea hoarding, hands without cash flow, tea enterprises immediately to the edge of bankruptcy.Hoarding tea, wealth, or cocooning to hoard tea, for the strength of the large tea enterprises, hoarding tea is beyond reproach.However, in the tea market, large factories play with terrace tea blending, while small factories make pure materials for ancient trees.The raw material cost of mountain tea, especially ancient tree tea, is thousands of yuan per kilogram, 100 kilograms is 100,000 yuan.The raw material cost of a spring tea consumes half of an enterprise’s annual income.For any tea company, keeping cash flow is the most important thing.An enterprise can only take the road of branding after completing the original accumulation (the brand costs a lot of money). The way to complete the original accumulation of capital in the tea industry is to sell raw materials in addition to luck.If a tea enterprise does not complete the original accumulation by selling raw materials and makes the brand at the very beginning, the brand will squeeze the enterprise dry sooner or later.Brand products pay attention to continuity, tea companies through the storage of tea protection product line, tea in a steady stream of storage.It is easier to hoard tea than to sell it, and even harder to sell it at a premium.Looking at a lot of tea, presumptuous wealth, but difficult is, cash.Tea prices, not as strong as expected, not to fall forever.In 2020, when the flow of tea mountain is low, tea prices fell.This year, I spent 3,000 a kilogram to store in the tea, and five years later, whether I can sell the price of 3,000, it’s really hard to say.Back ten thousand steps said: the flow of tea market in tea mountain, spring tea in tea mountain selling tea is the easiest, and it is better to use the same cost, to bag two pieces of good quality tea garden.Hoarding tea is wealth, but without enough cash flow support, it may also be self-limiting.The price of tea has gone up too high in recent years.One important reason is that tea has been stockpiled.Tea market prices fluctuate according to supply and demand.After the tea fire, small tea merchants stored tea in their own warehouses.On the surface, tea was sold out and the market was booming.Tea can continue to rise in price, all over again.However, the price of tea is too high, even if the quality is good, the common people can not afford to consume.Tea can not sell, good quality and valuable, what is the point.If there are not so many tea owners hoarding tea, the market will follow suit.Tea prices would not have risen so fast.So, even if someone in the tea mountain Shouting, auction hype.No one took any notice of him, and he was quiet for a few years.Without the hype, the market has squeezed the bubble dry.Make tea affordable to most people.Tea is not just sitting in a warehouse.No matter how good tea is, circulation is meaningful.