Chapter 110 Legend of Yellow Crane Tower during Wuchang Inspection (2)

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Chapter 110 The Yellow Crane Tower of Wuchang Chapter 110 The Yellow Crane Tower of Wuchang Chapter 110 The Yellow Crane Tower of Wuchang Chapter 110 The Yellow Crane Tower of Wuchang Chapter 110 The Yellow Crane Tower of Wuchang Chapter 110 The Yellow Crane Tower of WuchangAlthough Li Shizhen, one long way to cure him of the black heart, but, he is not grateful, not to repay.Noda neck swollen with Yamamoto Zhanglang, Yingzi, apricot, Kite, Tanaka, hashimoto and others said: “China’s land is too much, vast, rich, rich, jiangshan jiao, is really a good place ah!””Yes, I like this land too.”From said.”Since you like, you three sisters that step up to chase fairy prince attack!”Noda said, “When you are crown princess, you will be the master of this land.In the future, when I have my nephew, China will be the territory of our great Japanese Empire.Ha ha ha……””Sooner or later, Your Royal Highness, China will be a small part of the map of our great Japanese empire,” Yamamoto said.”Yamamoto is right that China is only a small part of our larger Japanese empire.One day China, Korea, Russia, India, Cochin (now Vietnam), Philippines, Malaysia etc will all be ours.Ha ha ha……”Noda neck swollen unrestrained laugh.”Ha ha ha…”Sakurako, Apricot, Kite, Yamamoto, Tanaka, Hashimoto, and so on all began to laugh wildly, as if China, Korea, Russia, India, Cochin, the Philippines, Malaysia, and so on had been incorporated into the territory of Japan.On the afternoon of the third day, Hu Zongxian, governor of Huguang, Wang Dashou, governor of Huguang, and Lin He, the political participant, accompanied prince Pursuen and his party to visit the Yellow Crane Tower.The Yellow Crane Tower stands on the top of the Snake Hill in Wuchang, by the Yangtze River.Yellow Crane Tower enjoys the title of “the first floor of the world” and “the world’s most beautiful scenery”. It is also known as “the Three famous towers in the South of The Yangtze River” with Qingchuan Pavilion and Guqin Terrace.Really reputation all over the world!Distant view of the Yellow Crane Tower, towering spectacular, magnificent momentum, magnificent.Come to the Yellow Crane Tower, see outside the building there is a bronze statue of yellow crane, lifelike, wings to fly, and win like pagoda, archway, porch, pavilions and other auxiliary buildings, the main building set off more magnificent.The crown prince led Gao Gong, Li Shizhen and officials of the Six ministries to climb to the top of the Yellow Crane Tower.Standing on the top of the Yellow Crane Tower, you can have a panoramic view of the three towns of Wuhan. You can overlook the bustling Hanyang City in the distance. The beautiful and broad Yangtze River runs away toward the distance.Chasing fairy prince asked: “Hu, Wang, Lin, you three adults, who can tell us about the origin of the Yellow Crane Tower?”Hu Zongxian, governor of Huguang, Wang Dasu, governor of Huguang, And Lin, the political advisor, looked at each other in silence.Gao Gong urged, “Hey, who’s to say?We’re all ears!””I’ll tell you.Since Lord Hu and Lord Lin are modest, I will volunteer.”Wang Daosu, governor of Huguang, said, “Once upon a time, there lived a man named Xin. His husband and wife were both very diligent and made a living selling wine.One day, a tall, ragged guest came and asked him calmly, ‘Madame, can I have a glass of wine?’Shin smiled and said,’ Brother, yes, no problem.We all have a hard time being away from home.I have a free drink for anyone in trouble.’He hurriedly filled a big cup of wine and offered it up,’ Brother, please drink slowly!’