The one I grew up with, the King of Fighters, got a new release

2022-04-29 0 By

The classic fighting game King of Fighters 15, produced and published by SNK, is officially available!Yes, the King of Fighters we grew up with, and King of Fighters XV is a legitimate sequel to that franchise.Compared to the previous game, the new one has improved in every aspect, including the picture and action, as well as the better hitting touch, which fans really should not miss.As early as a week before the release of the new work, the king of Boxer 15’s rating on M station was also released, with an average score of 79.5 on that day.Out of a total of 20 media outlets that published reviews, not one gave a bad review.IGN gave the game a rating of 8 out of 10, and while the single-player game still feels “past tense,” King of Fighters XV has a solid foundation and great online combat that makes the online experience the best the series has ever seen.As a new work lasting 6 years of polishing, “King of Boxing 15” using unreal engine 4 development and production, the continuation of the classic 3V3 team war play, series of many popular characters will appear, and some of the plot of the important role will also resurrect the posture in front of the player.The original version of the game had 39 characters, and with the subsequent DLC adding another 12 characters, the final number will be 51.King of Fighters XV isn’t the most ambitious or revolutionary fighting game in recent memory, but it does a good job of differentiating itself from its predecessors.It’s a significant step up from Emperor of Fighters 14 in terms of its detailed character model, and some smart tweaks to its combat mechanics, which, combined with a large lineup, definitely gives players more choices.Not only the classic game on the shelves of the new sequel, as the most classic ROG brand under the new ROG Magic Boss 2022 has also been hot reservations!AMD Rayon 9 6900HX mobile processor +140W full power RTX 3060 notebook GPU, with players feel the magic of the powerful e-sports!Let’s first look from the appearance design, ROG Magic Boss new 2022 launched a new color — Magic green, full of vitality and vitality of green, let players a flash;Side A’s classic diagonal asymmetrical dot matrix design, with white light LOGO and metal body, fully show A strong mecha style, but also again highlight ROG esports aesthetic gene.Second, let’s look at performance.ROG Magic Bully 2022 perfect inherit the strong performance gene, equipped with AMD Rayon 9 6900HX mobile processor, based on the “Zen 3+” architecture, 6nm advanced manufacturing process, 8 core 16 threads high specification, accelerated clock frequency up to 4.9GHz.Thanks to the ROG performance optimization design, the factory is pre-overclocking, even in fierce battle of all kinds of 3A masterpiece can be invincible.In terms of graphics card, ROG GeForce RTX 3060 is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 notebook GPU, NVIDIA Ampere architecture, 6GB video memory, 140W full power release;We have the 2nd generation RT Core and the Tensor Core 3rd generation, which supports real-time ray tracking and DLSS2.0 technology to further improve the game’s picture quality and frame rate.In addition, ROG Magic Boss new 2022 also supports the “dual-display three-mode” video card switch, to meet the requirements of multi-scene application.In the game scene, can open the unique display mode to release more powerful performance strength;In the scenario of going out, you can turn on the display mode to get more outstanding performance of battery life;In the daily use environment, you can turn on the mixed output mode to balance the user’s needs between performance and battery life.Not only the performance of the core configuration, but also the new ROG Moba 2022 brings a new upgrade in terms of the screen!Equipped with a 15.6-inch IPS wide view professional esports screen, 2.5K high resolution, so that the picture details clearly visible;165Hz high refresh rate, 3ms rapid response time, combined with Adaptive Sync technology, can effectively prevent picture stuttering and tearing.At the same time cover 100% DCI-P3 professional wide gambit, and support DC dimming and Dolby vision, give players more professional and advanced picture quality presentation.In order to make the strong strength of each part of ROG Magic Master New 2022 model to be able to play stably, the glacier heat dissipation structure 2.0 is adopted internally, which not only adds violent bear liquid metal in the core area, but also eliminates heat efficiently;It also has the luxury configuration of double dust fans, four air outlets and six heat pipes, which can further improve thermal efficiency.CoolZone keyboard air intake, self-cleaning dust channel and 3D air channel design to assist heat dissipation, so that players have a more comfortable operating experience.Powerful A+N core combination, with high-quality screen, outside the cool and efficient cooling performance, ROG Moba new Sharp 2022 is worthy of the star product, no wonder before the players have A high popularity!The new product is on sale countdown, on February 18, the first hand price of 8999 yuan, the purchase of machine sun sheet can also return 100E card