These three books are recommended to open up the landscape

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Hello, I’m TT.2022 has quietly arrived, but many people haven’t moved on from 2011.In the past few days, MANY friends have asked me a question through the social media platform: “If I want to have a new start, how should I start?” So I thought for a long time, AND I think I have three magic weapons for you.The first point is that you need to have a new orientation in your life, like how you are going to achieve your goals by 2022. However, there is a great theory in orientation theory, which is tranter’s book Positioning.He taught us how we should be able to set an effective strategic goal, because life always needs goals.Whether you want to have a goal in life, or the development of an enterprise needs a strategic goal, the development of an organization needs an organizational goal, or the development of a family needs a family goal, all goals are a form of positioning.Through this kind of positioning can let a person can move forward effectively, so learn to positioning can effectively face the New Year.The second Angle is that we need to be able to know what kind of life we want to live.In fact, Inamori Kazuo very early put forward these six advanced principles, in the book “Living method”.If you have the time, I really suggest you check out our six principles for improvement, including the formula for success in life.The first of the six improvements has always been a growth methodology THAT I particularly follow, which is to pay as hard as anyone else!I remember once Confucius, someone asked him, “who do you like best,” he said: “love one of my students call zengzi” so he asked the master said, “why do you like the students, named zengzi?” he said “zengzi is our day of three provinces in my body, is cheating on Sweden – and friends and not letter, preach not xi”.What does that mean?It was he who said, “I particularly like Zeng Zi because he does a lot of self-reflection every day.”What did he reflect on? He reflected on himself. First of all, he reflected on whether he was disloyal to others in his plans, whether he did everything with his heart, whether he could keep his promises to his friends without believing in them.Are you just saying it or are you just saying it?Passing is the teacher taught whether to do it carefully.You like to see zengzi was Confucius actually a very important reason is called to do is to, said to is in the book of “life”, Mr Kazuo inamori can do two of the top 500 companies, including save jal is important reason is that he no matter what, as long as he is a hand to,Therefore, this kind of life values methodology is worthy of us in the New Year to abandon all the unwanted 2021, embrace a new future of a new set of principles and methods.And then I want to talk a little bit about Kristensen’s innovation trilogy, which this book is part of, and the most important one is Professor Kristensen’s The Innovator’s Dilemma.In fact, many people are stuck in their past because they are stuck in a Dilemma.But sometimes you know you’re stuck in the past not because you’re stuck in the past, but because your mind is stuck in the past.A person who has the old thinking cannot face the new future with the new era. This is why many enterprises are abandoned by the era, maybe without saying hello to you, but enterprises are not working.I don’t know if you look at the entire economic market in 2021, in fact, you can find that many enterprises are facing an economic production cycle from their earliest period of vitality to a period of decline. Why is this?Market environment including epidemic is certainly one of the environmental reasons, but more important environmental reasons to ask yourself is if he was trapped in the growth of the past, if you create a new road, if you hope to have the development of new, I want to understand why innovators in the past he can think is a very important factor behind.The Innovator’s Dilemma. I think that although Professor Christensen is a research scholar, he tries his best to tell you how to really get out of the innovator’s dilemma and embrace a new life in such easy language.Now in fact, everyone of us likes noise and excitement, but I will find that more and more people around us especially like quiet, so that we can have a meditative environment is probably a choice for everyone to be immersed in the present.But the most important thing is how we immerse ourselves in the present state of meditation, can you stay in the present, can you quietly read a few books, drink a cup of tea, drink a cup of coffee, read a book that you like.